Very Inspiring Blogger Award


Here is a slice of who Grey Poet is;

I continue to be amazed at the followers I have and the comments that are given. I write for my own edification and in doing so, I seem to have found others that feel the words that I share. I appreciate all the thoughts that are shared and appreciate knowing when I have touched a chord with someone. I have some that have been here from the beginning of my short ride and the others that I have picked up along the way make me feel humbled. Keep the comments coming. While I have no aspirations of writing a book or being published, I will continue to share as long as others care to read. Thank you for coming along for the ride.

I am not going to nominate anyone today.

I am not going to say old things you already know about me.

Instead I am going to show you what inspires me to write

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Very Inspiring Blog Award Nomination

I was nominated today for this beautiful award. It was the icing on the cake for my day.very-inspiring-blogger-award

I reached down yesterday to pick up two sacks Al wanted me to bring home. I stretched a little but no big deal right? Wrong! I had to go to the grocery store after Al and my visit. As I was taking items out of the cart and placing them on the check out belt, I could barely reach into the deep cart. Pain seared through my shoulder and down my arm. I knew that I had injured the same nerve in my back and it had radiated its way enough to let me know that I had done bad.

Last evening I sat or laid most of the night. I babied it, medicated it with all I had available here at home. I could not sleep at my usual time. At five this morning, after more medications I finally fell asleep. I was woken by the phone at ten. I am sure I sounded like the town drunk as I walked through fog to make my part of the conversation human.

I slept most of the day. I woke up still sleepy but my body was trying to tell me that I was always awake at this time. I tried moving but ended back on the couch. Now I am awake obviously, or my spirit is writing without me! I have a smidgeon of pain but can move.

Here is a partial piece of the blogger who nominated me.

Bienvenidos a mi Blog, y gracias por interesarse en mis escritos.

Aqui encontraran mis pensamientos expresados en una variedad de escritos como Poemas, Cuentos, mis secciones Reflexiones Personales, Personal Thoughts y From the Heart, tambien escritos de editorial con temas de interes para compartir y discutir, espero les agrade.

Thank-you so much for this nomination.

I would like to place a few names here for nominations myself.

Starting with in no certain order;

Janet Williams


My Sharing with Terry | maxim sense

Nominees, please state seven things about yourself. Please give your respects to the one who nominated you by mentioning blog on your own post.

Please nominate others whom you feel would love to have this also.

Versatile Award

I have once again been nominated for this wonderful award, Versatile Award.

I am not going to say anything new about myself on here, as I have told anything news worthy about me already. If you have a question for me,,,,,,,,feel free to ask. I don’t know if I have ever mentioned this before, I probably have, lol, and if I have please bear with me, and if not, this is new readings for you. For many months and months I had prayed to our wonderful Lord to make me useful. You see, in my eyes, it is not a normal thing to stay home and not do anything. Of course, I care for my brother, tending to all of his medical needs, but in society’s eyes, this can be looked at as lazy, and no good. I prayed for God to help me be useful to someone else. I thought that what I was doing here inside these walls was not useful. One day, God lead me to this blog site. I prayed for him to help me to help someone else. He did answer my prayer on March 6th, 2012. He has made me understand that the care I give my brother is very important work in God’s eyes. He has helped me to reach out to others and share , allowing others to not feel so alone. Sometimes when we are looking for the miracle, or the answered prayer, we are blinded by not seeing it right in front of us. I don’t have to be a star on TV, nor a cheer leader for a sports team. I just have to be me, a child of God. It was too simple, and I never realized it until all of you started responding to my stories. I thank God for each of you every night when I lie down to go to sleep. You have made me feel needed, and you have provided me comfort through my journey with my brother. I thank God for small miracles.


The person who nominated me today is

Thank you for this nomination.

I always hate choosing someone for a new nomination because I don’t want to leave anyone out, but for tonight, I am choosing one.

This is a wonderful blogging site. I am lifted when I am down, and when I am frustrated there are verses given to me

Thank you again,