Blog of The Year Award, 2012

Late last evening I noticed that a blogger had nominated me for this award. It was so late, I asked her if it was alright to let it slide until this morning, and with her permission, I am now posting it.

I feel a little embarrassed as I know no other language but English. Maybe some of you do, so I will post what information is there on the home page.


Salut tuturor!
Numele meu e Luisa si sunt aici pentru ca ador sa scriu!
In primul rand, as vrea sa spun cate ceva despre mine.
Inspiratia imi vine din cele mai simple lucruri, asa ca va puteti astepta de la orice din partea mea.
Pasiunile mele sunt literatura, muzica, pictura, filmele, actoria, revistele, statul la computer si cred ca am ceva ”talent” la inteles oamenii, ador sa privesc apusul, sa ma plimb atunci cand simt nevoia.
Desi nu cunosc multa lume, imi place sa stau ore intregi la telefon cu putinii prieteni adevarati.
Vreau sa le multumesc mult tuturor celor care citesc ceea ce scriu si celor care vor citi. Va astept parerile cu drag si sper sa nu va dezamagesc niciodata.
                                                     Cu sinceritate,

Victoria G.

Buna tuturor!

Stiu ca este o formulare mai neoficiala, dar este unanim acceptata de toata lumea. Asadar ma voi descrie in cateva cuvinte.

Pseudonimul meu este Victoria G. si va scriu de pe meleagurile Olteniei, pentru a va aduce in casa si in suflet, bucuria si caldura, armonia si fericirea, muzicalitatea si fantezia cuvintelor minunate in povesti imbratisate.

Condeiul va fi cununa ce va uni inima mea de inima voastra, iar tot ce va lasa in urma, va fi o flacara albastra.

Sper ca va placut si cu aceasta inchei scurta mea prezentare. Sper sa nu va dezamagesc si cat sunteti voi alaturi de mine / de noi, totul o sa fie bine.

Va pup si va imbratisez cu drag, a voastra si pentru totdeauna, Victoria G.


Thank you so much for this wonderful award!!!!

Blog of the Year Award banner 600

Full Of Heart Blogging Award

My wonderful friend original apple nominated me for this cute award. Isn’t the symbol adorable. I believe these new awards were originally started by Bonita, at For in his glory here at WordPress.

My friend apple is amazing. She is busy busy busy with her continuing education, and living life, going for the gusto, getting all out of life she can squeeze. Please make sure to go over to her web site and give her a look!! You won’t be sorry.

The rules of this award are as follows:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link to their blog
2. Share the people or things you love most in an anagram using the word HEART
3. Nominate 7 other bloggers and notify them of their nominations

H-I will start off with the word heart, this is what I have that I live by. It can feel joy or sadness

E. Eager, I am eager to try to help others, and have their days hold a little sun in their life

A.-Adjustable, I am constantly having to adjust my days, schedules, attitudes, and moods

R.- Rich in God’s spirit and forgiveness, but poor in the realities of this world

T.- Trained, I am trained in the medical field for over twenty years, but it is never long enough, as there is so much more I need to learn


Seven blogger nominations:


Faith has also nominated me for the Commentator Award, and I thanked her for this, but after just blogging about it  yesterday, I decided to let others share their awards.

Pink Ninjabi





Anne Schilde


Thank you so much for this award nomination Apple. I love your website!!!!

Illuminating Blogger Award

I was nominated this beautiful award by a beautiful person, Brian. I love reading Brian’s blogs.There are many good Bible lessons and stories to read and I am always learning through reading each one. Thank you Brian for thinking of me and nominating me for this. Make sure to check out the link above!

The rules are for this award:

1.Leave a comment on the original award site

2.Choose a random fact about yourself to share

3.Choose 5 bloggers to pass the torch to

Alright, a random thought about me,

I started writing poetry in the second grade, and one of them was entered in the school contest, and it made its way to the principal’s office to hang on the wall.

For my five nominations I choose:




Pink Ninjabi


I know I went a little over the limit, but I was trying to sneak in so many, sorry. I am allowed one mistake a day. Why?, because my mother told me so many years ago.


Thanks again Brian!!!

One Lovely Blog Award

The first thing I notice in my emails is a comment from Dan, that he has nominated me for One Lovely Blog Award. Dan is one of my newest friends here at WordPress, and I already love his words and am so proud of him. He has a nice size family, and he is a military man. The way he talks about his home life, I can tell that his family is very important to him. Please check out the link above and see all that he represents.

You are to say seven things about yourself.

Nominate fifteen others.

Give credit back to the one who nominated you.

I have been having many dreams lately. I have some unfinished business I need to take care of and God is using my dreams to push me forward with this.

Today, is the first day of my outings alone.

I am a Yankee Candle obsessed woman, lilac being my favorite scent.

When my father passed away, the only comfort I received for a long time, was my collection of Christmas trees. I had at that point, fifteen through out the house, all sizes.

I have a class reunion coming up August 11, and I am going to go, but am scared to death of my looks. I have changed too much, but I guess so has everyone else.

I tried playing the daily three lottery for the first time, and I won forty dollars.

I have two racoons in my trees in my yard, that I wish would find new homes.

For my nominations I would like to present them to:

Maggie L R

Author Thelma Cunningham

Leon Maiolo

Thank you again, Dan for this beautiful award!