Why, I Thought of You Today


Why didn’t we agree
Why did we fight
Why didn’t we see
The ray, the beam of light

Why did we say it
Why did we scream
Now we have blown it
Because we were mean.

Written by,
Terry’s Thoughts in Poetry
October 5, 2013

couple fighting


I Thought of You Today

I thought of you today
You were always on my mind
You must have felt it to
Because now I’m here with you.

Written by,
Terry’s Thoughts in Poetry


A New Chapter of My LIfe Blossomed

I don’t know if any of you would be interested or not, but I thought I would put the word out here to you.

As you know if you follow me I have been writing more and more poetry. I decided I wanted to save them in one spot and hopefully later on I will publish a book on my poetry.

There is nothing more than my poetry I write on here. No stories or funnies, just poetry. This way it will be easy to pull all my work and gather it together.

My editor told me that the book Dahlia will be published very soon. I am so excited. I am working on the book about my brother’s life journey and now this. I am not doing it for any reason, just for myself, and hopefully I can help someone smile or remember something about their own life or past.

The link is at Face Book. It is called, Terry’s Thoughts in Poetry. 


Well, there it is, out in the open. So if any of you want just a page of poems come check it out! Thanks for reading dear friends.


Photo Fiction; 500 Years Later


Each week, a photo is uploaded to be used as a prompt for Flash Fiction. A story of between 100-200 words (although mine this week is 243 words). The story can be anything including poetry or – as some people have done – true life. If you would like to have a go, follow this link. If you want to read other stories, then click on the InLinkz image just below. Or a frog as one blogger called it.

My story is the culmination of an ongoing saga. If you wish to read this in its entirety, click on the link above – Fiction –> Photo Fiction: Daniel’s Story

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500 years later this is what is left. It used to be a beautiful lake. But dry air and hot sun left nothing but a pool of water. It saddens me that this earth was made in the beginning to fulfill our every need.

But because of pollution and ozone layer problems  we have shrinking problems. Animals work hard to stay alive. Instead of remaining in their natural habitat, deer, possum, skunks and snakes roam a way from their territory and come into residential neighborhoods.

Trying to survive, finding food and drink has become master over their day.

To Be Alive

Is it wrong

To wish

Upon a star?

Is that saying

That what

We have

We are

Not satisfied?

Or do we

As humans

Feel that there

Is more than

This spot we walk

A  life can offer

To breathe deeper

To love fully

To touch

Other souls

We are constanly

Reaching out

Grabbing hold

Of rainbows                                                                    rainbow

Needing, wanting

To be fulfilled

This is what

It’s like

To be alive.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd




manI have waited so long

For a look like this

The shivers down my spine

Your passionate kiss


I have waited so long

For you to walk into my life

To have you love me

And ask me to be your wife


I have waited so long

Almost giving up hope

And then our eyes met

I could let go of the rope


And now we are here

And I am walking toward you

Making love is my desire

Is all I want to do


I can feel my heart racing

As I step closer to you hun

Your eyes drink in my body

And together we become one.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd