FWF; Free Write Friday; Word Prompt


Standing on the beach alone

Listening to the ocean call my name

Looking back to see if someone

Other than myself is standing also

Waves of fingers reach out to me

Motioning for me  to walk forward

Come into the sea I will keep

You safe and I will be your friend

One foot stepping in front of the

Other leaving washed prints  to fade away

Heart beating faster as I

Move closer to the unseen voices

Rippling waters grab at the edges of my dress

Pulling me  along ever so gently

Come with me dear friend I can

Bring you so much more

Comfort and love than you have

Desired so strongly from within

Water touches my waist as

I am  guided  toward  hope and dreams

Knowing no one will ever miss me

The sea smiles and I  realize

Water is closely wrapping its entire body

So close just a few steps further

Two arms gently pick me  up

Placing my body in strong arms

I  look  into the face

Of someone who cares

Someone has noticed

That I didn’t really want to die

He walks me ever so gently

Back to the beach and lies

Me gently on the sand

Caressing my cheek

Laying his lips atop of my lips

No pretty lady you will not do this

Today   I have heard your heart

I have come to rescue you my lady

I am your every wish and deepest dreams

Today is the first day you will feel  loved.

Terry Shepherd