An Ill Man’s Inner Thoughts

Some days I see gray

Then my body begins to sway                                                     helpinghand

I remember what used to be

Before darkness came over me

Shadows casting undertones

Leaving me to deal with this all alone

Hiding in my own dark sack

Wishing I could take it back

I didn’t ask for this

I swear on a golden kiss

It sneaked in and took a seat

It landed at my feet

I pray it will go a way

Maybe come another day

I watch as others play

On a bright and sunny day

While cars going here and there

I am sitting here my soul too bare

If I could turn back the time

And go back to when I was nine

And know what I do today

I swear I would  pick another way

To live my life each day

I would honor each I know

And say I love you so

I would set my worries a way

And save them for a rainy day

But alas I am sitting here

My eyes full of tears

I have heard the door knocking

But I have worked hard on blocking

That my time is almost up

I have filled up my cup

My illness is taking me

To levels above the trees

I can see Jesus hands

Reaching through all the lands

He is tugging at me I can feel

He wants to take my illness and peel

It a way and bring me home

To sit with him near the throne.

Terry Shepherd


Daddy’s Girl

Countless Drops

Bouncing on Daddy’s knee

Was the first thing I would see

Each morning as I awoke

To take on a new day.

She was the love of his life

Right next to his wife

Her giggles infected him

Made his day a bit brighter.

He was a fireman by trade

Countless lives he did save

A job not many wanted

But he’d received the call.

Baby girl waited  by the door

But her Daddy came never more

As Jesus called him home

He had put out his last fire.

For days following the tears

Husband and Daddy remained dear

Memories never forgotten

As they walked through each day.

The photo on the floor

Sitting next to the door

Where Daddy’s girl would sit

Waiting for him but never more.

Terry Shepherd