Who Says I Have To?



When will it begin

How will it happen

Why did this come upon me

What am I going to do?


Ever feel this way? I know it has to me. The four words, When, How, Why and What. Powerful words when used in sentences, don’t you think?


Why are some of us placed in suck jobs

How did I think I would ever love it

When is something better going to come along

What am I going to do?


Every day we are faced with decisions. The path we decide isn’t determined just by a what about me thought, like our youth tend to think it is.


What benefits will I see

How will we deal with these terrible hours

When am I going to have the real job I want

What am I going to do?


We think about how family and friends will be affected by our decisions. We wonder if we can really handle that big of a change and will it truly benefit my life and those around me. Will I have to have a babysitter. Will I be happy in a new location.

Change can be scary can’t it? The future, although many of us worry about something that hasn’t happened yet can be frightening. I believe that having money in our pocket is important when we first start out working for that paycheck.

Then we move on to have to work all the hours we can to feed the family and pay the bills. Next new thought could happen after a number of years when you realize you may not be an asset but a door mat; or you realize you are working out of habit, never considering a change.

At my age, I am in this category. Medical issues, age, lack of hiring power, I tend to lean more on the thought; what can I do the rest of my working days that I actually love? Where I can come home smiling and actually want to go back. What can I do where both parties feel challenged and yet rewarded.

I want so much more out of life yet and I am getting older. Writing is my love but it doesn’t pay the bills. Speaking of writing, I want to thank Susan and Jean for purchasing Dahlia from me today. It makes me feel good that someone thinks I am writing words worthy of reading.

Writing allows me to speak my thoughts, to dream, and think of  happy endings. I would still love to teach about MSA.  Some days I dream about my phone ringing off the hook with calls asking me to do a photo shoot.

I don’t know my future, but at my age I will keep my eyes open to new doors of opportunities. There is no law that says I have to do the same job that I have done for so many years. God makes all kind of miracles happen. I can be one of those too if I just ask him to show me an open door with my name on it.

night flower 3


#FWF Free Write Friday; Time and Place Scenario



Here is your FWF prompt…


Let’s leap into the future with a time & place scenario. 


The year: 2063


The place: An underground bunker


What’s going on?

This is a hard one for me. I deal with so much in 2013 I don’t think about 2063. It is scary to say out loud that I won’t be alive. I will have lived a good life and in that year I will be sitting by God looking down at who knows what.

I would be 109 years old if I would live that long. Of course God would need me very badly here on earth for me to still be here. Can you imagine what I would look like at 109 years old?wrinkles

Would there be home-made foods like we or some of us still fix today or would there be food pills that all we need to do is drink water.Vitamins

Would there be peace in the world or would there big bigger wars than we can even imagine?wars

What kind of cars would we be driving? Would they look similar to what we know now? Or would they not even be recognized?carhouse

Will all of us still be living here on our planet? Or will families be walking on the moon?moon

I guess it doesn’t matter, since I won’t be here to live it.

Although I do wish my grandchildren the best of luck. They are young enough now that they most likely will adapt very well.

They will look back at people like me and wonder why we got so excited over a microwave.microwave Or how about when they make fun of me because I own the latest version of a cell phone?cell phone Well what ever the case, at least I am still not using two paper cups and a piece of kite string for a phone.

I can taste and season my own foods. I know my way around and don’t have to worry about falling into any moon puddles or craters. I know how to use my simple cell phone and I can program my own ring tones and pick my own wallpaper. My car is still made in the United States of America, and I can still choose which gas station and what kind of gas I choose to use.

As far as wars go, I have lived all these years with war going on and off. I am sure God has the perfect answer in how to end this useless fighting. So for this I will just sit by God and watch him work his miracles.

And last but not least, I sort of like the skin I wear right now. I don’t think I want to see me looking like my next door neighbor’s dog. So I will take what I have and be content, for I am pretty sure that some things will be exciting in the future, but I am certain that I would be lost and realize that there is no place like home.               red slippers http://youtu.be/4IErqIMLwtQ