Merry Christmas From Me To You

People rushing everywhere

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Grandpa still in underwear

Kids are laughing at his array

Dad says turn your heads the other way

Trying to load the car just right

Get the presents packed so tight

Scruff the dog he wants to go

Mom and I we tell him no

Scruff gets mad and gets back at us

Now he’s in the trash making a fuss

Grandpa’s dressed and now in-car

Thank God we don’t have to drive very far

Mom is looking in the mirror

She’s drinking the last of her good beer

She looks at me and gives thumbs up

She burps real hard and almost throws up

I yell the last it’s time to go

Everyone in the car, let’s go to the show

Packed with presents candy and more

I don’t look back as I shut the door

Traffic is dead for all I can see

Did you see that darn deer looking at me?

Pretty trees are all lit up to see

Sledders and skaters whiz quickly by me

Finally we are here we all jump out

We glue on our smiles and give a shout

Let’s all be on our best behavior today

No swearing no rudeness will be our gift for the day

Welcomed in and hugged too hard

Do you smell turkey that has been charred?

We looked at each other as we make our way

I’m sure we won’t forget this Christmas Day.

Terry Shepherd