I Know This Kid

She sat behind the chair hiding. Messy blonde curls, thumb in her mouth. Listening to the two of them arguing. Frightened and not understanding she began to weep but no one heard her.

Someone was going to take her away. Sally was afraid. She didn’t want to leave her TigerAngelmommy. But, why were they both saying they were her mommy? She moved a way and hid in the shadows fearing the two women would know she was there.

” She is my child and you can’t have her.”

” You don’t have custody of her anymore. You gave her up. Now get a way from here before I call the police.”

Why was that lady talking to my mommy like that? Why can’t I go have my mommy hold me? I want my mommy.

” I am her new mother now, please remove yourself from my property.”

Sally wept harder. This lady was being bad to my mommy. Too afraid to move she huddled even deeper into the dark. Soon the door slammed and the new mommy was yelling at my daddy.

” What in the world did you ever see in that bitch? You must have been drunk when you slept with her. You produced not one but two kids from a woman like that. Were you out of your freaking mind?”

” Tone your voice down. Do you want the kids to hear you?”

” Not the kids, your kids. I married you, not your kids.”

I saw daddy hanging his head down. I saw him get his hanky out of his pocket and wipe his eyes. Mommy is sitting down at the table. She is drinking her coffee and looking out the window.

My mommy wants me but they don’t want me to be with her. My new mommy doesn’t want me and yet I have to stay here.

Sally came out from her hiding place when the room became quiet. She crept up the stairs and laid down on her bed. Sticking her thumb in her mouth she cried herself to sleep.

This my friends is something that happens so often in lives of children today. Marriages ripped apart. New marriages glued together in hopes of lasting a long time. Children not understanding grown-up things get very confused. Some feel like they are to blame for what ever is wrong. Some kids go into themselves and others escape by what ever means they can find.  A child can feel this pain and carry it deep within their hearts for years to come. I know, because I am this kid.


One Times One Equals Two

Ok, I can’t hold this in any longer. It makes me nervous and scared for Al. If anyone has any hint or answers please let me know.

Last week one evening when I got Al up there was a big blackarea where Al had urinated. Sometimes I just don’t have that…

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One Times One Equals Two

Ok, I can’t hold this in any longer. It makes me nervous and scared for Al. If anyone has any hint or answers please let me know.

Last week one evening when I got Al up there was a big black area where Al had urinated. Sometimes I just don’t have that magic to make sure he doesn’t pee on the bed pads also. I called Hospice because seeing that freaked me out.

They mentioned something about Renal Failure, but went into no details. I tried researching it but where ever I looked all it pretty much said is that it was serious. It really didn’t explain anything except that Renal Failure usually means less urine, but Al still goes pretty good.

I laid it to rest until this morning. Al didn’t wake up right. He was in that staring stage. His thought process and his movements were not working. I had to place his hands where ever they needed to go. I had to sit him up and then he leaned over. I pushed him back in a sitting position and then he leaned again and froze there.

It looked strange as I don’t know if I could hold my own body in an awkward position or not and not move. When I got him finally up and in his wheelchair, the black area was there again in the urine. He had once again leaked through his brief.

This is no big deal. I am quite used to doing bed laundry anymore and thank God when I don’t have to change the sheets. This morning seeing this again and his frozen state, I asked him if he would  like to stay home from Day Program. He shook his head no. I pushed him to the table and fixed his breakfast.

He was speaking so softly to me I couldn’t even hear what he was saying even bending down to his mouth. In the end he was trying to tell me he was sweating.

I looked at his shoulders and his back and it looked like he just got out of the shower and didn’t dry off. I again asked him if he wanted to stay home, but he still said no. I washed him up and dried him off only to have him wet again from sweat.

The Hospice says from his M.S.A. his internal furnace is stuck on high. Afterwards while we are waiting for the bus I heard him snoring. I looked at him and he was sound asleep. He did wake up when the bus came but he was quiet. So what is the black?

Picture it & Write/ Ermilia


Jon felt his life was just putting too much pressure on him. He seemed to believe that he didn’t have a life. Pieces of his soul had been ripped and torn; given to others. Every time he tried to connect a piece of the puzzle back together the goal was broken.

He sat now looking down. Using the height of magnitude he was able to see where it started. His parents owned a business. He became their gopher boy. Running errands, fixing meals, taking care of baby sister.

In between these jobs he tried to go to school. Concentrating on learning was replaced by what he had waiting for him at home to complete. He wanted good grades. He dreamed of going to college. He could taste the success of becoming a doctor.

But by the time he finished instructions left for him he was too tired to study. He would fall asleep after his parents came home. He would wake up, drool lying on the pages of his book.

As time progressed and he wasn’t needed for a sitter so much his rules were changed from sitter to driver. He learned about money. He paid bills, he budgeted his parents checkbooks.

One time he even had to barter with the electric company because his parents had let the bill slip by and he was the one who had to make arrangements to get it turned back on.

His gift to learn was his key to him keeping good grades. When his counselor called him in and offered him applications for colleges he quickly grabbed them. When he got home and he had the little bit of time to call his own, he filled them out. The next day he was back in the school office turning his pages in.

When the news came that he had been accepted his heart jumped out of his body. Genuine smiles were seen in each class. He was going to be a doctor. But how was he going to get a way? How was he going to claim his right to live as his own?

When he went to bed each night, he made the time to pray. He prayed for a way to escape. He needed space. Night after night the ritual went on.

The day came. It was graduation day. He walked proudly through the line accepting his diploma when his name was called. He looked out over the crowd hoping to see the glow from his parents’ but only his mother had made time to attend. Even his sister had not made it a priority to show up.

That night holding his diploma in his hand he realized that he had one week before it was time to leave. A new life was holding the doors open for him. His name was on the list. Tugs were pulling at his heart. He needed, no he wanted and desired this opportunity more than anything in life.

When he fell asleep he had a dream. He was sitting below the heavens. Placed on a cloud of success with his name on it he looked over his life and at the lessons he had learned. Determination and not giving up were his biggest teachers.

Now he turned a way. He looked towards the doors being held open for him and the cloud steered him in through the open ways of a bigger and better life. The world was his and he was not going to let it pass him by. He was on his way to becoming a doctor.pictureitandwrite2copy-1


#FWF Free Write Friday, Childhood Gift

http://kellieelmore.commy mom and dad


Write about your most memorable childhood gift. Was is a Christmas gift? A Birthday gift? Was is something you really wanted or was it a surprise that ended up holding a sentimental place in your heart? What do you remember? How did it make you feel?

I was really a lucky kid when I look back at birthdays and Christmas Day. I didn’t ask for things like kids do today. My requests were all about dolls and bikes. Normal things, not too pricey.

There were no iPad, and cell phones. So I didn’t get yelled at or hear things like, what in the world are you thinking? Do you think we are made out of money? You better rewrite that list.

It didn’t matter what age I was I always received what I asked for. I didn’t give it much thought back then. What kid does? All I knew is what i wished so hard for I got. There were two Christmas Day’s and one birthday that I remember better than any others.

One year when I was about 7, I received a Chatty Cathy Doll.chatty cathy The next year when I was 8, I received Baby Thumbelina.

thumbelina1These two photos are exactly like the dolls I owned. The year I turned ten for my birthday I received my very first brand new bike.

Large_Classic_Schwinn_CruisMine was just like this but it was apple red.

As I stated in the beginning I was a lucky kid. Oh, it wasn’t because I received the gifts I wanted more than anything.

It was because I had a new Mom in my life. I came from a broken home and Mom did her best. She had no training. She was just thrown into the situation. We were here first children she cared for.

I think that now that I am grown and have my own children and grandchildren;  I can see and understand the pain that children can put us through. I can see how strong Mom was. She did a good job.

Mom if you aren’t too busy hanging out with God, l hope you turn your ear down here on earth and hear me saying, you were the best Mom ever. Love and miss you. I will see you  again.


#FWF Free Write Friday; Pick a Title


Here is your FWF prompt…

Select a title from the list below as your inspiration:

“Dandelion Season”
“Phone Call at Midnight”
“The Green Years”
“The Human Zoo”
“The Fires of Spring”
“The Ivy Covered Gate”

Phone Call at Midnight

Brian was a cocky teen. He was the son of a President of the local bank. His mother didn’t work outside the home. She was involved with many charities and either at meetings or hosting parties at their Bellville home.

Every one who was anyone envied this family. Money, fortune, cars, luxuries and beyond was theirs. People did their best to be good friends with Robert and Sandra. Sandra wore a pasted smile on her face when ever she was out in public but underneath she was a stalker.

A stalker of actions. She watched everyone. She  knew that it wasn’t her that people craved, it was her money. She assumed that there was an outside reason that so many wanted to friend her.

Her heart had gold bars around it and she never had found the key to open it up. She was like a delicate egg. You handled with care and didn’t upset with wrong words. I guess she didn’t really know any better although I believe myself, that as an adult you can surely make changes in your life if you don’t like who or what you represent. Her own parents had married into money. She learned what she saw.

Robert also had come from old money. He had been taught to stomp on who ever got in his way. Success was the bold, highlighted word in his own made-up dictionary. He was stern-faced, clean-shaven. A suit and tie guy. His heart was made of steel and there was no key in the beginning. Breaking him would be a difficult task to say the least.

They had one child. They didn’t really want this child but you were no one if you didn’t produce an heir. As soon as Brian was born he was gifted into the arms of a nanny. As he began school he would come home excited to show his  parents what he had made that day to be brushed off and end up showing his prize to the nanny silhouette.

He made plenty of friends. He was invited to every party as he got older. He could have any girl with his good looks, but he hated himself. How can one be so popular and yet have a sour taste when he hears his name.

In his senior year, he was so empty his heart ached. He had the shining key but he didn’t know how to use it. He had never been taught how to show his affections. No one had ever sat down with him and said those three magic words I love you.

His parents filled their pockets, their guest lists increased but at midnight on Brian’s graduation day his parents received a phone call. It was one of his friends he hung out with. He was calling to say that Brian was at his house. He was stuttering as he told Robert and Sandra, ” the police just left here. They are on their way to your house. They are going to give you some bad news. I just wanted to give you heads up. Brian hung himself in my clothes closet tonight.

Upon hearing the voice over the phone, Robert hung it on its cradle and looked over at his wife who was soundly sleeping. He tapped her until he got her a wake. She sat up grumbling, “what is it? I have a headache. Can’t you wait until tomorrow?”

As Robert broke the news a sound came from the floor. They both looked down. When they reached down to pick up what they had heard  they stared at each other as they looked into the others hands.

Three keys, one gold, one steel and one shiny. All three were scratched around the edges. All three had edges that were worn down. The two sat and waited for the police, staring at the keys.

gold keysteel keyshiny keyfree-write-friday-kellie-elmore