Halloween Treats

Kids excited

Jumping up and down

Mask and gowns are bought

Ready to hit the town


Once a year it comes

A time to eat the sweets

Mom and Dad don’t say a word

They let me eat my treats


But two months later

A yell from little Sue

A trip to the family dentist

Showed a little hole.


Now Mommy says

Never again

Only fruits and veggies

Junk in the can.


So here it is

Trick-or-treat once more

Mommy forgot

And I’m out the door.


House to house

Filling up my sack

Excitement rises

As I return back.


Mommy is waiting

She is standing at the door

I told you little Sue

No junk, no more.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



trick or treat

My Angels

No one understood me

Like you did Mom

You knew when

I was hurting

You knew when

I needed to talk

No one understood me

Like you did Daddy

When I followed

You where ever

You went

When we

Talked about nothing

I would give

Anything for just

One moment

If I could talk

To you again

I would say

All the things

I never said

When I did

So many things wrong

You looked the other way

You were the best

Parents a girl

Could ever have

I love and miss you both.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd

09/16/13angel child                                             http://youtu.be/5KPu7QhYY_0




If I Didn’t Care

I was writing on my quotes WP page and also put some new music on my music page here on WP. I decided to spend some free time going through the U-tube videos. I came across a group that my Mom loved. They were called the Ink Spots. Some of you older ones…

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If I Didn’t Care

I was writing on my quotes WP page and also put some new music on my music page here on WP. I decided to spend some free time going through the U-tube videos. I came across a group that my Mom loved. They were called the Ink Spots. Some of you older ones may remember this group.

I can remember cleaning the house before my parents got home from work. I would go to that long box on feet and turn the record player on. I would pull out Mom’s 331/3 album and place it gently on the turn table. Placing the needle gently down on the record so as not to scratch it, I would turn it up to the point of almost blowing the speakers.

I would grab the sweeper hose and stand in the middle of the living room on top of the footstool and pretend I was singing into a microphone to the words of this song.

When I looked at this song I got the biggest stab in the heart I have had in some time. It is different from the ones I feel with Al. This stab was a memory stab. Going back in time when life was free and spinning in circles going  nowhere, but yet giggling like there is no worries in this world.

Oh Mom and Dad, how I miss you. It doesn’t matter Mom if you have been gone almost 13 years or Dad if you have been gone for almost six, I feel you  today deep in my gut. The love I carry will never vanish.

I replayed this song twice and then it cut me deep. Our entire family was based on who cares about who and why don’t I feel it.

The words say If I didn’t care.

Was Mom trying to tell me something and I never got it until all these years later? Or was this a song meant for her and my Dad? I know they had a rough start in their marriage. Who wouldn’t when all of a sudden two youngsters were dropped in your lap.



Mom  I will never forget

What you tried to do

Doing the best you could

Coming into this new.

I didn’t give much of a chance

I could have  behaved better

But I am so glad today

That I sat and wrote you that letter.

I am not sure;  but am hoping so

That although you are not here

That you know my heart was true

More than life’s deepest fear.

I hope when my time comes

And I am standing next to you

That you will wrap your arms around me

I will say I care and I love you through and through.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


You Promised Me

You said you’d                                                                    Crying

Never leave me

You promised

Every time I asked

So why am I sitting

Here in my bedroom

Tucking my pillows

Around me hugging

Them close to me

You promised Daddy

You’d never go a way

You said I would

Always be your

Little girl your

Only one but

Mommy said

You went a way

That you had to

Go visit a new

Home way up

In the sky

You promised Daddy

You would never leave me

And yet here I sit with

Teary cheeks and red eyes

My heart is broken

You broke your promise

Daddy please come back.

Written by

Terry Shepherd


Chapter 21

John Cena and Mark Henry

Henry walked into the drug store. He bought the supplies needed and paid for them. Driving back home he was thinking about his wife. He would check on her first thing and then patch the wall.

When he walked into their bedroom, she wasn’t lying there. He went to the bathroom and there she was soaking. She looked so cute all covered with bubbles. He leaned down and kissed her on the nose.

“You feeling better doll?”

“Yes, the warm water feels real good on my aching body. Where you been?”

“Oh, I went into the hardware store and bought some patch for the wall. Figure I better take care of the damage before Dad sees it.”

She smiled up at him. “Thanks for rescuing me Henry. I don’t know what is wrong with that guy. He better get it fixed though.”

Neither of them said anything. Henry left her to finish and went to patch the wall. Soon Jane walked in and the two inspected his work. “Looks real good Henry. I can’t even see where the hole was. You did a good job.”

He gave her a squeeze and she pulled back a little. There was still some evidence of the fight left behind.  He led her to the bed and they laid down. He took her in his arms and held her. His body heat felt good next to her and she turned in his direction.

He kissed her nose lightly. She returned it by kissing him on the lips. Parting her lips she let him explore farther and soon the two forgot about the fight and the wall. Afterwards  they lay there both in their own thoughts.

Henry sat up and lit a cigarette. He offered her one but she refused. “I am not going to smoke anymore Henry. I have to do what’s best for the baby.” She patted her belly and placed his hand over her hand. “A wonderful thing happened when I was in the tub. I felt the baby kick.”

Henry put his cigarette out and bent down and put his ear to her stomach. He listened but heard nothing. He didn’t feel anything. “It doesn’t do it all the time silly. I just felt it once myself.”

“Wow, a living thing. I made that all by myself. You know  he or she, is going to look just like me.”

“Um, my dear Henry, I hate to tell you but I had something to do with this too. It is very well that this tiny baby could look just like me. Or better yet, maybe it will look like the both of us.”

Henry started laughing and said,”Well, maybe it will have your eyes and my fine wavy hair.” The two of them broke out in laughter and then they got up and started to redress. They walked out into the kitchen and saw him Mom sitting at the kitchen table. She was having herself a cup of coffee.

“Mom, you alright? Do you hurt anywhere?” Carol replied, “No, I am alright, but if that son-of-a bitch comes back in this house I will call the cops.”

“It’s ok Mom. I already warned him. I don’t think he will have the guts to show back up here again.”

Henry and Jane sat down at the table. Carol looked at Jane and asked,”You alright? Did you get hurt in any of this?”

“No not really. Henry saved me from getting hurt. I don’t know what I would do without him. He is just the best man all around.”

“Well he is lucky. Lucky that I didn’t have a whack at him.” They all had a good laugh over that as they realized Carol couldn’t really hurt him unless she got a hold of her iron skillet first.

Henry looked at his watch and saw he only had an hour before he had to be at work. He stood up leaving the women to sit and chat and went in to take a bath. Carol and Jane sat in silence at the table. Neither of them seemed comfortable in each others presence.

After a few moments Carol spoke. “You know Jane, we never ever had any trouble like this before. I don’t know what kind of friends you have, but I suggest you keep them a way from my house. I don’t allow stuff like that to go on here. We are a nice family and I don’t want any cops around this place.”

“Carol, I swear this Kurt guy, he isn’t any friend of mine. He isn’t even a friend of Henry’s.”

“Then how did he end up here?”

Silence once again fell and Jane got up and walked back to her room. Henry was finishing getting dressed and he glanced her way. She walked past him and laid down on the bed. She was tired. She just wanted to sleep. With Henry going to work, she all of a sudden felt real lonely.

Henry was too busy trying to get out the door and not be late for work. He bent down and gave her a quick kiss, and when he walked out of the door, she never felt more alone. She turned over and wept into her pillow thinking back to what Carol had said.