Are You Looking At Me?

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Today I woke up tired and stayed that way the rest of the day. I had to go have my brother and my taxes done first thing this morning. After getting through that without any major scare issues I had a doctor’s appointment. It was my check-up from  lab work.


The doc explained about the Potassium and what he think happened and how potassium works once the blood hits the bottle. All in all, I was quite pleased. I lost three pounds. My levels were all good except the blood sugars, but they were lower than last time, so he ended up saying,” You’re doing a good job”. That just made me feel good but I was too tired to almost smile, but I was smiling on the inside.


I noticed when I left the doctor’s office that my front passenger tire was low. Oh not again. Darn it. This is the second time I have put air in that tire. I have good tread left on all my tires. No one has found any nails etc, so what was going on?


I stopped and had more air put in by the nice gas attendant then headed off to the tire store. They checked out the tire and found the stem was leaking so to change stems and replace air it cost me $12.50.


While I was sitting in the waiting area there was an elderly gentleman sitting. He was maybe ten years or so older than me.  I had been talking to the sales guys since I knew them and this older customer made some comment to what we were talking about.


Then this guy motions for me to come over and sit by him, so I do. I thought chit-chat, something to do to pass the time. He says,” Do you work?”


I say, “No I am disabled.”


“Do you live alone?”


“No, my brother lives with me.” I know I lied but hey, I didn’t know this guy from Adam.


“Do you ever get lonely? Do you like dining out alone? Do you ever wish you had someone to go to McDonalds with?”


I thought, What is this 20 questions? Am I on Candid Camera? Are you hitting on me? Sorry friends, it’s been so long since I have been hit on, I didn’t know.


He said my last name is blah blah blah. In the phone book I am the first one listed under that name. Call me if you want to go out. I’m your guy.  I didn’t say anything. He just wasn’t my cup of tea. In between his questions he was letting me know that he goes to bars. He has been stopped by the police for drunk driving. He has lost his license due to drinking in the past but he has it back.


He had lost his wife to cancer a year and three months ago. Suddenly my heart felt compassion for him as I knew he was a lonely man. But for me I couldn’t go out with him. I don’t want to date anyone who drinks and even gets arrested for drunk driving. I thanked him and stood up and used the ladies room.


When I got out my car was done. After I paid the bill the older guy was holding the door  open for me and I told him thanks. When I got in the car I smiled to myself and said, hey girl you still got it at 58, or if he was just so lonely he was desperate, thanks for picking me. It boosted my morale.



Life With a Bump Or Is It a Flat?

Flat tire.

What a day! What a day! I knew I was picking up Al to take him out to lunch. It got time to leave and I went outside and before I even got close to the car, I saw it. A too low of tire. Oh no!

I don’t really know how to change a tire and even if I did, my diabetic fingers would probably not let me take the lug nuts off with the tool. I got a hold of my son to see if he could come fix it. I guess I was playing games with myself. Hoping I could make this in to a quickie job and still be out to get Al

My son didn’t answer, and then it was like a V-8 moment,OnSar! Yes, so I hurried and checked my policy for what coverage I had and sure enough, there it was flat tires. I had to get in my cold car and talk to them on my car phone. I froze but I started to adjust quickly, but my feet never do. My diabetic feet can not handle even chilly weather or I get terrible prickly pains along with burning.

I called them and they responded immediately, but with it being Sunday the only ones that would or could come were almost an hour a way. Well shucks, I had no choice but to accept this and I thanked God I was not along some highway having to wait for an hour. This hour turned into an hour and a half as the instructions were given as East of Warsaw, instead of West.

While I waited inside my warm house for the tire man to come I called the nurse and said that I would be in later. I explained what happened and asked her to give the message to Al that I was sorry I could not take him to lunch today, but I would be out to visit as soon as I could.

Finally the gentleman showed up. He was very nice and good-looking too.  Darn, it I heard him mention his wife. Why are all the good ones taken? LOL He found a tiny nail stuck in the tire and put the spare on. Unfortunately the spare was a doughnut tire and had already been driven.

When he completed his task and was on his way I had to call back the nurse and say I could not come at all today. I didn’t want to put the extra miles on that little tire. I have always heard they have about fifty miles on them. So if I would have gone to see him and came home I still had the trip of getting to the tire shop tomorrow. Plus in about an hour the ice is supposed to start hammering down.

The nurse understood and said she would tell Al. I felt so much guilt in disappointing him. This is when I kick myself in the butt. I shouldn’t feel guilty. I did nothing to make this happen, but yet I knew he would be disappointed. I promised the nurse that unless I died, I would be out sometime tomorrow.

So now it is after 2 and I am hungry. Going to fix myself some lunch and take off my good clothes and slip into a nice warm house robe. May as well enjoy today because tomorrow is another day filled with who knows what.