The Meeting With the Top Dog

candle-animated.gifYesterday I called the facility to set up a meeting this morning with the Administrator. He tried to find out what it was about but I told him I would tell him when I arrived. This morning I said a small prayer to act like a responsible adult and not cry or act frustrated in front of this man.

I walked in calm and breathing normally. We shook hands. He smiled and I returned it. It is not hard to look at a young man with beautiful eyes and nice hair. LOL I told him everything. I spoke to him about Al sitting in the bathroom in his wheelchair while he had to figure out how to go pee when he didn’t need to.

I told him about the stolen candy. I mentioned the cookies that the nurse had made such a big deal about. I told him about my unexpected visits and how the two staff members jumped when they saw me there. I added that I want a staff to be near by when he is dressing in case of toppling over.

I spoke to him about the nurse who discussed Al’s weight loss in front of him. I explained how he went back to his room then telling another aide he was going to die because PD was taking his weight a way.

I tried to get my point across for the umpteenth time that no one should discuss Al’s health in front of him unless it is good news, as he builds a case around it for days.

I also reminded him that I had been talking with the nurses and charge nurse and I could get no where. Now I was at the top of the rank expecting help.

He told me to go out and replace the candy and bring him the receipt. He also said with a big smile that he would look into all of this. One thing I did appreciate was he was taking notes about the entire conversation.

So now I sit back and wait to see what happens……All in all I do pat myself on the back because I acted more like a mature caring adult then a hurt sister. But I did get the point across that Al is my brother and I will stop at nothing to ensure he is at much peace as possible through his journey of Parkinson’s.