Daily Prompt; Name that..You

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Do you know the meaning of your name, and why your parents chose it? Do you think it suits you? What about your children’s names?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us IDENTITY.

My name is not a bad combination. Teresa Jane.  The name Teresa means in Spanish,” saint”. Or in English it means ” harvester.”saintharvester

But in my eyes it means nothing really. As I was called by my nick name since a very young girl, Terry.

When I hear my proper name being used, I think back to when I was in trouble with my Mom. Teresa Jane please come here.

That meant trouble. What did I do wrong this time?mother mad Today if I hear my proper name it has to be voiced from a stranger. Someone on the other end of the phone line, verifying who I am. Just like in the military. Name, serial number, age.drill-sergeant

My middle name is something I now am not so proud of. I used to be.

I  used to think I was special because I was named after a friend of my real mother.

But after making repeated visits to get to know this real woman, given the undeserved title of mother, I am no longer proud.

When I hear the word Jane today, I don’t even acknowledge. They must be talking to someone else. It must be a stranger calling out to me.danger

When I used to hear my Dad calling my name I went running.

For years he was my idol, my hero, my everything.hero

Once I started caring for my brother I saw the word hero being slowly erased from the blackboard.

Now the word love remains and the good memories that I shared with him while growing up.blackboard_math

So all in all my name is my own.

Created and formed from many angles.

Today, I prefer to be called Mom, friend, Aunt, or just me, Terry.dad and me

Below is a photo of me and my Dad.

Daily Prompt; I Pledge Allegiance



Daily Prompt

Are you patriotic? What does being patriotic mean to you?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us COUNTRY.


I can’t speak for anyone else

I can only speak for  me

How lucky I am to live

In the land of the living free.


tigersWhere strength and courage we do have

Where the mighty stand so strong

Where we have choice to say each word

Without worry of saying it wrong.


jelly fishCreatures on land and sea

Free to roam around

Swimming in schools

Or crawling upon the ground.


amber-wavesTo see the land that is ours

To believe in what we wish

To pray to my dear God

And live with no anguish.


womanFree to pick the one we want

To live in harmony

To have a voice

I can be free to be me.


waterYes I am thankful

And truly blessed

To be living and free

In the land of the U.S.book4