I Will Remember You

I took a nap after I blogged today

Now I am better but numb in some ways

I see a weakness inside of me

I need to fix so I am not weak in the knees

It bothers me when I see the anger set in

Where are the smiles that would turn to grins

Does Parkinson’s cause this big of deal

Spinning the personality wheel

Mumbling and cussing is not really his style

Maybe this anger will stay only a while

I hope the new increase in meds

Will cause sleepiness and put him in his bed

I thought the only thing I would ever see

Is maybe Al not walking like he used to be

But it seems to me this disease is really bad

Wanting to steal all that Al always had

I guess it is possible that he may not know

Or remember me or his coca cola show

I don’t wish this illness on anyone

The patient or daughter or even the son

I wish that I could blink my eyes and say

On the count of three you will be gone this day.alvin at fireworks

Daily Prompt: Imitation/Flattery/ The Daily Post

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Write a post about anything you’d like — in the style of your favorite blogger. (Be sure to link to them!)



This is awesome today, to be able to write about anything I wish. I would like to write about two bloggers. These two bloggers share something in common with me. Each blogger has a family member with Parkinson’s Disease. My brother Al, also has PD.

The style of Camsgranny, is something I admire and envy. She is upbeat, positive, and hardly ever lets anything get her down. If something is bothering her, she tries to figure it out for herself first. She sees the good in people and life.

She states it like it is. This is a wonderful gift to have. She is very loving and caring, don’t get me wrong, but she is confident in herself, and not afraid to speak her thoughts She is an awesome cook, and has a knack of involving all around her table to laugh and pass the time away without ever looking at the clock!

Julie, the other blogger, is a sweetheart of a lady. She is a dedicated wife, and mother. She works very hard at keeping her family relationships in tact. If there are issues that rise, she is right there to discuss and see how to fix them.

She has a love for animals. I have seen such beautiful photos of her lovely birds on her property. She has a good eye with her camera. One thing Julie has in her favor, is great patience. I am always amazed and jealous of her calm demeanor.

With her husband having PD, she has had to take the role of mother and father, and grounds taker completely over. I can only imagine how difficult at times this job could be, but she always pulls it off.

If I could take these two ladies and combine them and make the perfect me, I would. I would take Jo’s laughter, mix it with the combinations of straight-forward talk, her confidence, her ways of knowing the kitchen, and add to it Julie’s softness. Stir this all together, and add a touch of beauty, patience, and willingness to learn, and I would be a different person.