Got 10 Minutes? Go Back With Me

Paul Bunyan Land/This Old Farm Brainerd, Minnesota


I was driving home today from seeing Al and I heard this song on the radio. It instantly took me back to when I was five  years old. My Dad worked at the local skating rink, and I was his tag-a-long. I grew up on skates.


One of Dad’s favorite songs was this;



Oh Dad used to fly around the round rink with the wooden floor. All girls loved my Daddy. He was the one with the blue eyes and wavy hair. Gelled back to stay in place and tall and thin. Daddy taught me to skate fast, backwards, and do tricks. When I was 16 years old he bought me my first pair of real good skates with wooden wheels. They cost $150.00 at that time.


Tears still come to my eyes when I hear this. I am like most daughters. There is a void that is in my heart. I hate him for what he has done to Al, but I also worshiped him at the same time.


When I was at the age where I could get a record player and keep it in my room, I listened to these songs.





As I got older and got married I finally got in to the Rolling Stones. I listened to mainly one song.






  • Skating (


Al, Pain & Me

I went to see Al this morning, and he was not having a good day. I stayed about an hour and a half, while he went through some deep heat therapy. His legs were in great pain and he was in freezing modes today.

The therapists and I could not get much out of him today, as the pain was bigger than the day. He even asked me to go get the nurse for some pain medications. The therapy has stopped for Al, as far as the physical therapy. The professionals say there is no more that can be done for his legs any longer, but when they see Al struggling to walk or his legs buckling, they haul him into the therapy room and use the deep heat to try to loosen up the nasty Parkinson’s.

I left him when I walked him down to the lunch room, and I saw three two-handled cups sitting there for him a long with weighted silverware. I am so happy they are having him use these, as the last time I took him out to eat, he could barely lift the glass to his mouth, and struggled to use a straw.

I am just amazed at how Parkinson’s can move along so quickly, almost like week to week you see changes.

I have had so much good advice from all of you on here about me. I have just been so far down in the dumps, I can barely climb out. Everything makes me cry, the dog is causing me more grief than pleasure. I just don’t think it was probably good timing getting such a young pup at this time.

I decided that I had to do something. I am afraid to remain like this in this stage, for fear I will slip into some depression and I want to fight it if I can, so this morning, for the first time in months, I put make-up on. I looked in the mirror and asked, is this really you?

After leaving Al in the pain that he was, my heart felt so much lower than ever, I got in my car and the car or God took over, or something grabbed a hold of me, and said press on young lady, you have a life to live, now get out there! I am sure it was my own self scolding me, but anyways, my car went to the beauty shop, parked, and went in, and when I came out, I looked like this!

It has helped some, I am back to my down feeling, but some good happened today also, so I am  hopeful.