Photo Challenge, 5 photos, 5 stories, 5 days

My friend Vivi offered me a challenge and there is nothing better I love than a challenge. What makes this even better is; it has to do with my camera.

Vivi and I have been good friends for at least 3 years. We have Skyped, chatted and laughed. Everything about her personality, I love. She lives over seas, and if she was my neighbor, I know the first place we would head to is a shoe store to search for red shoes!

Thanks so much Vivi.


Day 1 of my new challenge for Viveka.


This was me

Hiding from myself

When my brother became so ill

It stripped me of my health.


When death came to visit

It came knocking on his door

I swear I lost my person

I didn’t want to live for ever more.


A tick turned into minutes

A minute turned to hours

I prayed and kept my friends close

Until I gained back most my powers.


Now a year has somehow came

My heart and eyes still weep

But I find myself turning

To all my memories I keep.


So now I have come back

From  hiding within the grass

I found my smiles, my giggles

Now intertwined within my past.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd