Update on Exercise Class and Walking Track

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Well catching up here with you about my exercise class and walking. I did go, yeah! I went in and paid my dollar for my class. I borrowed a locker key and they held my purse as ransom.lol

I put my coat and boots in the locker and put my clean dry shoes on and walked to the room that the class was to be held at. There was one lady there. She was much older than I. Completely white-haired. I asked her if this was the right room and she said yes. She told me that they usually walk the track for about fifteen minutes, so I went to the track. It isn’t a big track. It takes 19 laps to make one mile. I walked three times around it then saw others were going into the class.

I found two, three pound weights and grabbed those along with a stretch band. Eventually about 9 people were seated. One man, and the rest ladies. The man was white-haired also with a long white beard. He was 85 years old and had, you will never believe this, he had Parkinson’s!

I was the baby of the class. The only one with any color in my hair, of course the secret is hair dye! I looked around and felt a little uncomfortable being so much younger, but stayed. A hottie guy came in. He was somewhere in his twenties. He was the teacher. He spent about ten minutes chatting about New Years and such. Then we got down to the hard work.

I had worn my spandex pants with a spandex top and a T-shirt over it. I was ready to sweat it out, but it never happened. We mainly sat on straight chairs and did stretches. We used the weights maybe twice. We used the stretch bands about five minutes. There was no music and it was very quiet in the room.

I asked why there was no music and he asked,”Why should there be”? I explained that when I was in Florida I belonged to a senior fitness group. We did mat exercises and foot movements and light aerobics to some hip hop music. It was up beat and really got us all going. He said, “oh, isn’t my voice enough”? I didn’t say anything more.

Inside I was thinking,this isn’t going to work. This class is not for me. They don’t do enough because I am not even breaking a sweat. You get what you pay for, a dollar for class, a dollar’s worth of stretches. I think I expected more.

When the class was about over he had us walk three more laps. All together I walked six laps, so what is that? Six out of nineteen makes a mile. Maybe I walked a third mile? After class I spoke to the director about a harder class. The next class level up was 30.00 more, so I would have to pay 50 a month and I just can’t afford that.

I left the building wondering if I should go back next Tuesday. This class is on Tues and Thurs. I stopped at the pharmacy and got my medications and then came home. After I was home about an hour, I thought, I wonder if the little bit I did helped my sugar numbers at all. What the heck, I will check them anyways.

I have been fighting with my sugars ever since Al has been placed. They were constantly in the two hundreds. It isn’t outrageously high, but too high, and high enough to be on insulin. I was shocked, totally buggy eyed. My sugars were 98. 98 in the middle of the day! Wow! I didn’t sweat but my body responded to the work that I had done and the few laps I took of walking. So I am going back. For now, as long as the mild exercise works I will  pay the dollar. If I get to the point that my body becomes plateau, I can continue the walking as much as I like. I do better in a class situation with other people though, so I hate to give the class up. Exercising here at home alone never works. I make it about three days then I quit.

So all in all, I was very happy. I didn’t sweat, I wasn’t in  pain, and yet my sugars were way down. I did it!!!


Picture It & Write Sept 30,2012


Today I am writing an exercise for


The picture is this: As I looked at this photo I wasn’t sure what I should really be writing, as it seemed that certain thoughts were running through my mind, but then the more I looked at it, I began to see different things. Isn’t it strange how our minds work?

We see something and our fist impression can be totally different from what we see if we take the time to let our brain expand and take in what really is the whole picture. Is she trying to portray herself in a sexual way? Is she doing a certain exercise? Maybe she is a dancer with a play that is being acted out. If you let your mind wander you can come up with many things.

She lay there her  fair skin showing

And eyes are certainly bound to be  roaming

The beauty we see with our first look

Reminds us of contents in a book

Or maybe a play that we just saw

When our eyes were big and our face in awe

Or maybe the grace on the exercise floor

That we noticed as soon as we opened the door

For what ever the scene that our memories do bring

This photo brings beauty to all who have seen.




July 6th Free Write Friday Exercise

She had done it! She had completed her goal. It had taken her two years to complete and it wasn’t easy at all!

Casey, had been in poor health. She had eaten herself into a total weight of over four hundred pounds.

Glued to her bed, that her family had moved into their living room, this is where Casey spent most of her waking and sleeping moments. Unless she had a doctor’s appointment, she watched TV, and her only movement was raising the remote control to change channels, or lifting the eating utensils to her mouth.

It started years before that. It was a love that became an obsession, that became a danger to her life. She loved food. She used food for every occasion. Whether it be sadness, depression, anger, or happiness, food was her reward.

This is the way her mother and their family used food also, a celebration to eat, but Casey took it one step further. She didn’t use the occasion, she used the food. Her husband worked day shift for a local industry, and her two kids were in school. When they all arrived home, they sat down to an early supper. By the time the kids were in bed, she was hungry again, and snacked, but the snacks turned into another supper, and soon she was being awake during the night, to grab a piece of cake, or a candy bar, whatever was easily available. This in turn started to attach fat cells on her body, which in a few months, became obvious to others eyes.

Soon her clothes no longer fit, and she started buying lounging dresses, that fit loose and were comfortable. The dresses also did not alert her to any weight gains. Looking through a jar of glass marbles, resembled looking at her thighs. People would talk, but no one made the effort to speak to her ears, and with time Casey also neglected to care about herself.

One day, the doctor’s visit was not a usual one of reminding her that she needed to take off her weight. The reminders of blood work checking her cholesterol were off, triglycerides were off-balance. Every visits warnings, were entered in one ear and left through the other, but this visit was different.

Casey had special tests, that dug deeper, checking into the heart and kidneys. This visit produced bad news for her. There was no more warning, there were hard rocks being thrown at her. No more nice words, but daggers, meant to enter her heart and mind, and change her views on her life. Her heart was suffering. It could no longer handle the heavy load it was carrying, and proteins were backing up in her kidneys, causing them to not work properly anymore. The doctor announced that she was going to be dead within two years, if she didn’t change RIGHT NOW!

Casey teared up and could feel her internal furnace heating up. She sat as straight up as she could, and for the first time was listening and asking questions. The questions lead to appointments with a dietician, and a call to the local YMCA.

Following up on these leads was tough. It meant family being there more, to drive her to and from, and thought put into clothing for the public viewing, but Casey was scared, and she didn’t want to die. She wanted to see her kids graduate and to feel what it was like to be a grandma.

Three times a week, she worked out at the YMCA, very easy exercises with a special trainer that had been assigned to her, and gradually more difficult exercises added each month. She followed the diet she had been given by the hospital dietician, each week writing out her menu, and her husband would go to the grocery store and fill up his cart from her list.

Two years later, today, she had made it. She had just come from the doctor’s office for her monthly visit. Her weight was normal, in fact, the doctor said she could afford to gain a pound or two. Casey had never heard that before, and was beaming. All her blood work came back excellent. She stood up and gave the doctor a huge hug, and thanked him for caring enough to say it straight. She walked out of the office, with a thumbs up. She had done it, she had completed her goal! She had saved her own life!

I want to thank Kellie for allowing me to write for her with this writing exercise. You can also find her at this link:


Thank You, Kellie!

The Realization

I like big butts and I cannot lie

I like big butts and I cannot lie (Photo credit: J. Star)

I fall asleep to the TV each night, and this morning I woke early to hearing the word butt over and over. As my mind was waking up and hearing this word, I started to wonder what station I may have flipped the TV to during the night, as I Love Lucy is usually who wishes me a good morning each day. I sat up on the edge of my bed and lit my first cigarette and stared at the screen. Yup, I was right, I was hearing about the butt. I have never been a skinny girl. I weighed seven pounds even when I was born. Height was never my friend when I started reaching womanhood.My tallest I ever reached was five foot three, add this to a non skinny body, and you end up with an all trunk body and small legs. Can you picture this? People used to compliment me the most on my small legs. I was called bird legs for many years. Now I can see why. The trunk made the legs look smaller. A magical allusion to the eyes. I also was complimented on my butt. Not a big one, always hearing that I had a flat butt. I clung to these two compliments all of my life until this morning. I was never one who made exercise programs a habit of nature. I ignored those parts of the commercials on the television. Now I find out that I have three muscles in my butt. The minimum, the middle, and the maximus. I never knew this! My butt was and is flat, not as a compliment, not because I do not each much, but because I do not exercise those three muscles. I learned that I could have a high, nice rounded, butt, if I only spent the dollars out on this DVD, that taught me how to have this beautiful shaped butt that all men love to look at and all women desire. I was so disappointed that the compliment balloon had busted! Now I was down to only one compliment, the legs. My legs are thinner, because of my shape, plus the fact, I have always loved to walk. Firming them up and allowing the muscles to shape them. I quickly took an over haul in my mind of how I could  FIX this new problem. I came to the conclusion that I was going to have to accept this for what it was. I am fifty-eight years old. I do not want to lie on the floor and roll around and have to do this for sixty to ninety days. I can not get out and walk like I used to because of caring for my brother. This all made me tired and I almost crawled back underneath the covers to sleep it off. Then I decided to just forget it. God gave me what I have. If I had the beautiful butt, it may change my personality to someone else. I could even turn into a snob, walking around with my nose in the air, realizing that I had the BUTT, everyone wanted. I flipped off the TV and came out into the room. On the baby monitor, I could hear my brother dreaming. He was laughing. Was he laughing at me? Did  he pick up on that infomercial, and he also knew I had a flat butt? I laugh at myself as I think this crazy thought, and instead wish myself a happy mother’s day, and go start my coffee.