Finding Love

She had waited all her life                                                                                        victorian lady

Saving herself for the one and only

Sometimes crying into her pillow

Ready to give up on love

Friends were married

Children were playing

Roses bloomed year after year

But she felt she was wilting

And then their eyes met

He at one table

She at another

Piano playing

In the background

Til there was you

Filling pockets of loneliness

Eyes locking hearts beating

As they entered the dance floor

Fingers intertwined

Dancing cheek to cheek

They danced the night a way

Barely touching the floor

They paused on the balcony

Under the moonlight

He lifted her chin

And looking into her eyes

He kissed her

And she kissed him back

Then she leaned into his ear

And whispered these words

Until this moment life

Mattered not

I was ready to leave

But then there was you.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd