ToTo, Let’s Click Our Heels Three Times

Anne has nominated me for the award, One Lovely Blog Award.

I do not believe this! I must be dreaming. I am going to click my red, ruby shoes and wish to go home.

Thank you so much Anne. I always sit back and wonder what you readers see that I do not see in my stories. I guess it is not for me to know, it is for me to write my feeling from my own heart. I am so glad that you enjoy them, and I was always too afraid to let others see what I feel for so many years

You are supposed to tell new things about you, but I have nothing much

Al is being given his shower at this moment.

Al has been pretty quiet today, but calm

I stained a picnic table today, and also a wooden walk way to the outdoor shed.

I took my brother to KFC for lunch. He ate all of his and some of mine!

You are to nominate others who you feel  would also enjoy this. There are many, but I am going to name three

a mental health counselor with a heart of gold

everything that is said by this blogger is from the heart

this blogger gives me wonderful comments. she is truly a wonderful blogger and is one of my newer friends.

Again thanks Anne. You are the best!!!