Picture it and Write, Blind Sight Edition


Her grace, that face

So kind to human race

The walk, the talk

Puts all in shock

Every person she sees

Is bending at knee

As she passes their way

To only brighten ones day

Words are spoken of her

All true I am sure

The one who was  chosen

From the womb unfrozen

Our Princess our pride

Known deep and wide

If I could just reach out and touch

Her hair I would clutch

The smell of the rose

Would infiltrate the nose

Oh what would be such a life

If she would become my wife

But alas she is taken

My loins will keep achin

But I will always have this

My hand did she kiss

I will always remember

That day in November

When she did look at me

With eyes the color of seas.

Now the time has passed

And this is the last

Time I will see her walk by

And look into my eyes.

Terry Shepherd



Faith And Friendship

Does Anyone Ever Listen?

Are faith and friendships similar? I believe they can be quite close in relationships. I am sure many of you have more friends here on WP, than even in real life. Where else can we turn, when we are in need of someone to listen, to be encouraging, and to care.

How can we draw so near to someone we have never met? How can the heart become attached to a stranger. It is actually not a stranger, because we have used our senses to feel, to laugh, to learn and to love through the words and hidden messages of sentences.

For me, I have found several friends on here, expanding to Pinterest, Linked In, and other web sites. Our words touch each other. The reason I have even touched on this subject today, is because I have been touched, through reading one of my emails.

I have without realizing it cried over someone’s loss of loved ones, prayed for others who are in a place they do not know how to escape from. Laughed with others, and learned that others lives are not that much different from my own. It is only the uniqueness of each day that makes it seem bigger than it really is. I have learned that I am not alone, that others are willing to listen, to offer compassion, and advice.

Just for this day, I want to thank all of you, but I want to thank a few who have said Mother May I and have advanced more into my personal life. I know that I have talked on this topic before, but with my heart aching for one of my friend’s losses recently, I am once again reminded that faith and friendships are very similar.

We will believe where there is no sight. We will love when there is no touch, and we will cry although we have not seen their tears. When I leave this good earth, to never return, I will have left my own personal mark on these grounds. I will have left a piece of me in each of your hearts that have opened up to me. Thank you……………..

Ping of Sadness Before I am Awake


I was woken up from my sleep by my phone going off alerting me to receiving a text. I rolled over and put my glasses on, and looked at the new message. It says, I am sorry, I am not feeling good and am on my way to the ER. I won’t be able to come today.

It was from the caregiver. At first, I was mad, then I became real, and realized I had made the choice to hire a very nice lady to watch over Al, who happened to have health problems also.

I have made a mistake, not thinking of me first, in a way. I thought of me first because I want a break so darn bad, that I hired a nice lady. I made a mistake though, by not being smart enough to realize that this could affect certain dates of her not being here, due to her health.

This is not the first time, nor the second, that my plans have gone down the tubes, but it is my last time. I can make choices. Although, I wish her well, and I hope her health becomes stable, I need a break.

My heart is feeling some sadness still at not getting out, but I placed an ad in the local newspaper to get a new respite caregiver, who is  healthier. My gosh, what if something happened to her while Al was in her care? I guess that statement is made in hind site.

This getting tougher around the edges and thinking in the priority level is difficult, but I am doing it. I would normally have just accepted the fact that she was not coming, been sad, and hoped for another chance to have my break, but this time, thanks to so many of you saying to me, that I need to be a little selfish for my sake, I have placed the ad which will start tomorrow. I will get my break, I do need my break, and I think Al could use a break from me too. Let’s hope I find another nice lady with better health!