The Sowing of Souls

Flower Petals

In the middle of a flower

The petals hide the prize

Of what gives her life

And  waits to open to skies.

It needs nurtured

And watered and

Fed the right food

For it to turn out to be any good.

A strong sturdy stem

Holds the weight in its hand

And shows off the beauty

Of the soul that’s so grand.

The petals have opened

Her soul has been bared

People are looking

And some have stared.

They didn’t realize because no one asked

That God grew this flower for a very special task

Where no one had ever dared to look twice

Now they were saying, oh wow, she’s so nice.

So when you see someone you don’t really know

Nurture them with kind words and watch how they grow

Help them to blossom in who God hath made

Plant seeds in the sun, and not in the shade.

Free Write Friday, August 10,2012

Thank you Kellie for giving me a chance to explore my mind with this exercise prompt.


Stars twinkling, racing from above ore across the skies. Taking dreams of my tomorrows with them. Lights bouncing from tree to tree, allowing my mind to jump to where I can not see.

Mystical thoughts enter my mind as I ponder on what tomorrow may hold.

Thoughts of your arms around me, kissing me gently on the lips is what I for see for you and me.

A walk under the moonlight, two lovers holding hands, walking step by step into never ever land. Stopping under the old oak tree to still a kiss, which is only seen by the sounds of the nights.

A dream of love never escapes my mind, and I know if I dream long enough, it will certainly come true, for all fairy tales have happy endings, and so mine will also.

I wish for strong hands, and broad shoulders to cover me in love, protecting me from all the dangers  in this cruel world. I wish for a head to lean mine next to. A lap to sit upon and whisper sweet nothings in to your ear.

As you place the soft blanket under the mysterious trees, and you gently take my hands and help me down to the softness of the grass, you raise my head up, placing your lips next to mine, devouring my love that I so freely give to you.  The branches from the trees reach out like arms and hide us from the view of all others, protecting our moment that is to be shared only by the two of us, and swaying in the winds, leaves gently fall around us, mixing in with our droplets of love.

You tell me you love me, and you will never want another, and I believe each word escaped from your lips. Tears fall from my very own eyes, and the misty eyes drink  in your sight as you caress each place I glide your hands to.

To be in love is what I whisper to the stars, to be safe with you is a hunger that is always needing to be nourished. I long for this, and so I come here tonight, to tell the gods of my yearning, and I can see your silhouette carved in the knots on the trees.

I walk back to where my journey started and I leave my secrets sheltered among the forest, and I planted a dream, which will grow like wild flowers, and one day soon will sprout buds that with love and  nurturing, will soon be nothing but a dream

The Seed

Apple pie

Apple pie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She had been left the land to carry after her husband was killed at war. He had been serving his country and news was carried to her that he wad dead, shot by the enemy. Here she was, a young mother, with two children, a farm to run, and very little experience.

Sophie stood outside on her porch and gazed across the fields wondering how she was ever going to do this. Her husband had always been a farmer, and up until the time, he had been drafted, they had bought and worked the farm together.

The two children, Lizzie, and Teddy came out of the house to be with their mommy. She walked over to the porch swing and sat, and the two kids followed her, and together they swung, while she thought her next move.

She knew she needed help. She couldn’t do this alone and take care of her babies too. She got up from the swing and went into the house, tidied herself up and then went to the barn and got out the wagon. After all were safely seated, they made their journey into town, the goal, to find someone to hire to help around the farm with crops, and repairs.

As they pulled into town, she saw several men and women standing in front of the general store. She pulled up a few yards from them, and lowering Lizzie and Teddy to the ground, they walked over to the crowd, to find out what was going on.

To her surprise, the meeting was about herself. When the crowd noticed her they welcomed her with handshakes and hugs. They told her they were not going to let her go this alone, that they were there to support her and to help her.

Sophie was speechless and in reply, started hugging each one and crying from joy. While the different children from the group played near by, plans were made by the adults as to which ones were available to help, and what time they would all meet at her farm.

As the meeting adjourned, the circle of friends disappeared, and they all went their own way. The next morning, promptly as planned, several men and a few women folk, showed up at her door ready to work. Some went straight to the land, and started plowing, and the others went to the barn and small buildings to work on repairs. The women folk stayed behind and helped Sophie with window washing and laundry, and spring cleaning.

One farmer, who had been in the field, came up near the house, and was getting a drink from the well. Sophie noticed him. He was different from the others. More quiet and staying to himself, just doing his work. Upon his leaving to go back to work, she asked the ladies if they knew who he was.

Sophie discovered that he was actually one of her neighbors a mile down the road. He had bought the old Miller farm, and was fixing it up, and had plans on settling down and raising a family here.

Lunch time came, and the dinner bell was sounded. All gathered around and said a prayer of thanks for the food they were about to eat. It was much-needed sounds she was listening to. Laughter, kids running and playing. The food was hitting the spot too. There was ham, and cold chicken, potato salad, and cherry and apple pies for desserts.

Everything cleaned up, they each went back to their work, and before Sophie realized it the day had slipped by. One by one, each went home to their homes. The one left behind to leave last, was her neighbor, and she asked him if he would care to stay for supper.

He nodded with a yes, and went to the rain barrel to wash his face and hands. While Sophie prepared supper, he played with the kids. This became a common thing, to see this picture each evening. Comfort was being felt, and a new love was blossoming within these four walls.

The repairs had been done, and the house was dirt-free, and the seeds had been planted both inside and out, seeds of love of the land and each other.