My Request For Christmas

My Request for Christmas


Lying on my bed

Visions in my head

I hop off and kneel

I pray for one moment to steal

Please dear Lord, send me

Hear me God, I plea

Just one more time I ask

Allow my eyes to bask

A visit from  above

To all those I so love

Let me hold their hand

Let our love be  grand

I want for nothing else

Ask nothing for myself

Please dear Lord I pray

Send them for just one day.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd




Tombstone Fundraiser

I have a fundraiser where I am trying to get help for Al’s tombstone. I have the funeral paid for and the plot, but I can’t seem to get the funds for his tombstone. I realize he doesn’t have to have one, but I want him to because I love him. Here is the link if you would be interested. Please share this with anyone you think may help.

Thanks my friends.





Al on snow day