Ready to Move On

A dreary day in March
A hint of Spring I’ve had
Snowflakes and a little rain
Makes my mind a little sad.

A winter we have missed
The cold did linger on
I wish for heat and sun
It is the song of songs.

Darkness hovers close
Rain droplets on my pane
An eerie sense of realness
That Spring is dragging in slow lanes.

Written by,
Terry Shepherd

Where I Belong

I find myself loving silence
I think this must be my age
I love the sounds of night time
Noise often makes me flinch.

I see the news in the background
I see my cat cleaning once again
I feel my breathing in and out
And yet I hear a zero sound.

I find myself remembering
The past comes to me so clear
A tear falls for what once was
I can’t find myself to sing.

Then I think about the present
And the contentment is very clear
I have everything I could have needed
Nothing borrowed and nothing sent.

i used to think i needed more
i wanted what they had bought
And then I realized it was foolish
And threw those feelings out the door.

So as i sit here in my quiet
I realize I am blessed
To make it to this moment
Is life at its very best.

Written by,
Terry Shepherd

Welcome 2020?

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

I can tell you about my memories

I can speak about my tears

I can tell you about my laughter

I can speak about important keys.

I can’t tell you about tomorrow

I can’t speak about my upcoming health

I can’t guess about decisions

I’ll just pray, head up and go.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd





When illness  comes your way
And it interrupts the day
When you  can’t  say halt
And too weak to  shout
You  turn to your self
Place the soul on a shelf.
You give a nice speech 
Although  you  wish for  a  beach
This is the deal
There is no free meal
I’ll  fight with my might
Won’t  quit even at night 
I’ll  find the good  in each day
Until God takes  me a way .
Written  by , 
Terry  Shepherd

Pantster Poet

A friend  of  mine  and I  were chatting  today  about  our poetry we both  write. She told  me I was  a Panster, poet. I thought  it was a joke comment  or something  bad, so I  asked  her  what  it meant .  She explained  and when  our chat was  over, I  looked  the  word up. The dictionary  said it means, someone  who writes  with  no plan or thought. Well  that’s  definitely  me most of  the  time. I  will  pull a word out of the air, type  it and see where it goes. Here, I  will  do it right now. The first  word will be,,,,why.

Why do you  call out to me
I hear  the echoes  deep in the sea
I float to surface  to see who’s  there 
But  I  don’t  see you anywhere 
I am now your memories  from your  past
They float within me so they last 
Don’t  keep calling  out my name my dear
For  I am standing  by you, very  near.

Written  by,
Terry  Shepherd 
January  2016


Watching From Afar

The steam is rising
Slowly building in force
Rumblings  are felt
No one prepares
The words spew
Like poison  darts
Fire tips burning
As they Pierce the heart
The speed of each dart
Splatters those standing near
Slowly tearing emotions  apart
You can’t  escape
There’s  no where to run
When you  open your soul
And let love live within
You can silently  weep
You can  pray for all
But in the end
It is theirs  to fall

Written  by , 
Terry  Shepherd 
January  1, 2016


A New Year

A year has passed
We’ve shared some smiles
We shed some tears 
Hugs were sent
Giggles almost heard
We read others words
We made new friends
We gave up the enemies
We lifted each other
We prayed
We rejoiced 
We made it
Through  2015
Through  praying together 
And guidance  from God
We shall  remain
Friends,  bonded
Through   the new year, 2016

Happy New Year  my friends.

Remember  one thing ;  If you drink, do not drive. Better yet, drink within your  own home.


Merry Christmas to all of my Blogging Friends

Christmas  time is here
Some of you  will cheer
Others may spend the day
Alone, no other way
Families  come together
Drive through  wicked weather 
Others will remain in bed 
Lifeless, no tears to shed
Let us not forget the reason
Why we’re here, this Christmas  season 
Our Christ, the Lord was born
He is King, forever  more
I wish each of  you today
A Merry Christmas  and glorious  day.

Written  by , 
Terry  Shepherd 
December  2015




I wonder what people say

Do they wonder if I squander my day?

The media makes me feel

Like I am a square, a real  fifth wheel.

This illness is getting me down

My gait is bad;  all around.

Light-headed is most of days

It keeps me from wanting to play.

Tremors keep me so uptight

I feel like I want to fight.

Arguing always with  myself

Trying not to sit on a shelf.

I don’t want this again and again

I wish I could turn back and then

I’d pack more in each day

Nothing would stand in my way.

I keep God close to my heart

I pray each day at start.

I ask for this one day

To make it through your way.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd








What can I do

Who can I ask

When I don’t like

Leaving the past


Who can help

Keep my memories fresh?

When I look ahead

I can’t give it my best


You say I have a choice?

You say I’m making it too hard?

All I have to do is this?

You say I’m the one tarred?


Oh I get it; your words

I completely understand

I can accept what has changed

Carry the future/past in both  hands.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd