New Day



Morning Has Broken

Morning has broken

It is yet another new day

A chance to help out

A chance to bring smiles

A time to ponder

On who I am

And what I have

Done with my life

I make many mistakes

Lord know this best

But learning from them

I plan to do today

My heart is big

My love runs deep

Now help me

To follow your path

For morning has broken.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



A Week Of Blessings

English: Yellow and green Bell peppers, North ...

I don’t know what I did to deserve the extra icing on the cake this week, but I want to just sit here and cry, not over sadness but joy. I can be one of the biggest whiners, and I come to all of you for comfort and understanding. I believe in God but don’t show it when I am always stressing or worrying over Al, so I am not a very good example of a christian woman.

Wordpress on the back

But this week, I have been so blessed, and I just had to share with you my joy. I had given my camera to a family member, who accidentally dropped it and broke it. I thought to myself, it will be quite a while until I can take photos again for my friends at WP, but God used a friend here and I was blessed with a camera in my hand once again.!

I have been blessed for four days in a row with smiles and some laughter from Al. I don’t know where this came from, and at first

God the Father with Angels

I tried to analyze it to death, but then thought, don’t ruin it Terry, be thankful for this time from him. Keep it in your memory box!

Today, at the doctor’s office I received good news that my blood tests were all good, except the cholesterol, and that my weight gain is not causes so much from what I eat, but stress. Now I just have to pray very hard for that to lesson, and maybe I will lose a few pounds!

Today, I was waiting for the nurse to show up for Al, and about fifteen minutes before the nurse would arrive, the door bell rang, and when I opened it, there was not the nurse, but one of the employees of our favorite place to eat and get medications. She asked me if I loved home-grown tomatoes and green bell peppers, and I said with no hesitation a big yes! I have not had home-grown veggies for many years, and she said that she had thought of Al and me and had extras, and would I like to have some, and again, I said yes.  Once again, I was blessed!

Like I said, I don’t know why I am getting these extra blessings, but I am very thankful. To all who pray for us, cry and laugh with us, I want to thank you for bringing us into your hearts and lives. To God and the heavenly angels, thank you for bringing some extra love and sunshine to our home this week.

Full Of Heart Blogging Award

My wonderful friend original apple nominated me for this cute award. Isn’t the symbol adorable. I believe these new awards were originally started by Bonita, at For in his glory here at WordPress.

My friend apple is amazing. She is busy busy busy with her continuing education, and living life, going for the gusto, getting all out of life she can squeeze. Please make sure to go over to her web site and give her a look!! You won’t be sorry.

The rules of this award are as follows:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link to their blog
2. Share the people or things you love most in an anagram using the word HEART
3. Nominate 7 other bloggers and notify them of their nominations

H-I will start off with the word heart, this is what I have that I live by. It can feel joy or sadness

E. Eager, I am eager to try to help others, and have their days hold a little sun in their life

A.-Adjustable, I am constantly having to adjust my days, schedules, attitudes, and moods

R.- Rich in God’s spirit and forgiveness, but poor in the realities of this world

T.- Trained, I am trained in the medical field for over twenty years, but it is never long enough, as there is so much more I need to learn


Seven blogger nominations:


Faith has also nominated me for the Commentator Award, and I thanked her for this, but after just blogging about it  yesterday, I decided to let others share their awards.

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Anne Schilde


Thank you so much for this award nomination Apple. I love your website!!!!