Dianne Cogar and Her Poetry

Diane wrote another prayer that I found so emotional. I feel she has so much talent. I can’t help but share her works with you. I believe she read my post about Prayer From My Heart. I didn’t ask, I am just thinking so.

Here is the poem she wrote after I posted mine.

Wish I Could Help You Though…

Wish I could help you through this sorrow
And calm your fears through each new morrow
And show you life beyond this pain
To ease your worries, to keep you sane

When loved ones leave they never go
Their memories stay and ever grow
But what we miss are tender things
Like a long warm hug and what love brings

I’d tell you life will be alright
To comfort you through each long night
But deep down in my concerned heart
There’s nothing sure that I can part

For you must feel the test of time
And believe that God will show a sign
That He is with you night and day
He feels your pain, and hears you pray

And never will He leave your side
For all His children he loves with pride
I only wish I could help you flee
From this broken heart to set you free

But I will leave that up to God
For by your side He’ll always trod
His tender touch will help you heal
Just embrace His trust and know He’s real

~D. Cogarlakeside_cabins-1749

Standing Ovation For my Blogger Friends

I have a big list of to do things laying in front of me. I am dead tired. I slept terrible last night and was up very early. I am getting ready to take a nap, but I could not let the nap begin without first talking to each of you.

The wonder of prayer is bigger than anything experienced here on earth. I curse myself for being a doubting Thomas, but being tired and frustrated makes me weak.

I am so fortunate to be centered with bloggers. I am able to come to you with tears, joy and requests for prayers. I know I do this quite often, but then again, there are many issues going on every day.

For this day, the meeting went wonderful. I met with the doctor. They are going to be sending him to a different neurologists for second opinions. Al was calm today. I managed to not have to involve the television station, news reporters or the State Board of Health for this one time.

I will be keeping these numbers handy as it seems the rain always pours at a steady stream when it comes to my brother.

It was God and the prayers that came from all over the world that helped Al to be able to return to his own room today. To be able to use his weighted silver ware. To wear his shoes, and to have unlimited drinks.

Although I was happy for him and I, I could not let it slip by what the nurse over the weekend has done to me emotionally and to Al abusively. I did meet with the Top Dog of the facility today, and I spilled my guts about everything down to Al not having his teeth brushed and no drinking water.

If she refuses to make a change with this nurse, or the nurse continues this week with her same attitude I will call my numbers. Al is safe and sound, but for me, my eyes are wide open and my ears are on high alert.

Thank-you each one for the circle of prayers. Never doubt that there is a higher ground than the one we walk on. This is my motto from now on, when I am weak.community-helping-hands

I Am Reaching Out To You For Prayers

Prayer chain

Prayer chain


I have a very good friend who is hurting so badly. She has a daughter that is married with young children. Let’s call the daughter Lucy. Lucy had started a fairly new job. She began having headaches. These weren’t just the normal  pop an aspirin type. They were serious enough to go home from work.

Several days of this went by and finally they let her go because of too much missed work. I just learned a few minutes a go that she has been diagnosed with a brain hemorrhage. Her mother is devastated and frankly so am I.  I have known this young lady since she was a year old.

Only God can bring about this much-needed miracle. There is no monies and no insurance. I know you are going to ask about the husband, so I will just add that at this time he is not working.  She needs to be in a hospital but they are refusing because there is no insurance.

Please my friends, pray for a miracle. Pray for time so that she is in the hospital exactly at the prime moment for her surgery. We are selfish people I agree. Her mother needs her, I don’t want to lose her and her children need her.  I come to all of you on bended knee asking for your help. Send this request to your prayer chains also. God bless.