Impossible or Probable

AI probability density (triangular)

This is a prompt from Plinky.

What are the six impossible things you believe in? (If you can only manage one or two, that’s also okay.)

This is a fine line for me. What do I believe in that is impossible. What do I believe in that is probable.

Impossible may include ridding myself of my Diabetes. I have had this for over 30 years. It is definitely not going anywhere unless I can afford to have a pancreatic transfer. I hear they cost a lot of money, so the probable for me is a no.

I have been heavy my whole life. I blame it on my biological mother, well at least I used to. She gave me whole milk and that’s all I ever had for many months. Today’s research is that the fat in the milk is very bad for you. This is not impossible that I will never be thin, but improbable. Maybe I have gotten used to the weight I live in.

There are many things that affect our work to lose weight. Mostly though it is our outlook on our lives. Maybe if I had a boyfriend, it would be probable that I would lose weight. When I look at my age it then turns to impossible. Why bother, I am just getting old and having aches and pains anyways. You can now see how I have argued with myself after I lost the initial 100 pounds. If I lost 35 more pounds I would strut like a fine Peacock.

Some of the world would like to convince me that believing in God is an impossible dream. I have seen proof with my very own eyes. He exists. Even with Al walking today it is a  miracle. It may have stemmed from the pain patch. But where did the pain patch come from? Who gave the scientists the knowledge to be able to make these? God did.

I don’t think that living here in Indiana that it would be probable that I could have Florida weather. Now that Spring has sprung and we still have cold weather and a big snow storm coming Sunday and Monday, warmth all year is impossible.

These are just a few things I have thought of. I am sure there are hundreds of other ideas I could think of but I am hungry for my supper, so I am now stopping at number 4.