I Normally Don’t Cuss

Today has been a hell of a day. There, I cussed, I said it out loud. The day started with me waking up in a good mood, but before an hour had passed, hell came in and sunshine left.

First our kitten, Cali, who is seven months old needs to be taught some manners. She has definitely come to feel comfortable here in our home. I had noticed that when looking for something last evening, I had gone into dust bunny heaven under my bed, and saw that the dark gray lining that hides the boards of a box springs, had a nice big hole shredded in it, and I don’t think the dust bunnies did it! Today, when I got up,my one framed picture hanging above the couch was all crooked. I think someone named Cali had been on the back of the couch, trying to investigate exactly what that was.

If I let her in my room at nights to sleep, she constantly bounces off and on the bed, wanting to play, causing the master of her to become very cranky, from lack of beauty sleep. So I close my door now for my sake and her sake of living. On the other hand, I can hear her out in the living room racing through the house, playing, and as I try so hard to ignore her and drift in to la-la land, I wonder what she is doing. The picture told me one of the things she did. I have used water bottles with sprayers, and it works as long as the water is being sprayed.

I steam cleaned my floors this morning, and she was biting the cord, and chasing the mop, while I was yelling at her and hoping she would not get burnt. I took a break from cleaning and was sitting here at the computer, and all of a sudden felt four claws go straight into my skin. OUCH. Oh man, that hurt. She raced across the back of the couch, I don’t know how many times. I sprayed her, she got down, and then she went to it again.

With Al, yesterday he fell early in the morning, and fell into his closet door bumping  his head. He is alright, but ever since then walking for him has become bad. It isn’t from the fall that he is walking bad, it is from the stiffness and freezing. All day today he has walked with great stiffness, moving very slowly, cussing with each step. I have seen  tears and tears and he has put himself down all through lunch today. So today, I either saw tears, or heard downgrading of one’s self, or seen Cali in motion.

After lunch, I finally got the house cleaned, and I went to bed to watch television and just relax. I ended up taking a nap the same time Al did, and woke up a couple of hours later. I had forgotten to set something out for supper, I realized too late, so I got on the phone with my yawny voice, and ordered a pizza from Papa Johns.

Already Al is up, he is barely, and I mean barely walking. Tears are flooding and he wants to go to the ER to get help with his pain. I told him that if his chest hurt, or his head, or

Living Room Couch

stomach, I would take him, but for his stiffness in walking and the freezing mode from Parkinson’s, that going to the ER would be a bad idea, as they were giving him the medications he needed now. I explained how the rotten Parkinson’s was bigger than medicines.

So now the kitten is playing with the broom bristles, that I would like to chase her with, Al is crying from pain, and the door bell rang with the pizza.