Is Life Really So Simple?

A blogger friend gave me some verses to read. I opened my The Message Bible to the right book. I started reading the intro and then turned to the first page.  I know I haven’t made it to the verses yet. I wanted to see what this book was about according to this Bible, The Message. It is written for easy understanding for simple people like me. I was instantly taken aback at the words.

Now I will have to say I am a simple-minded girl, lady, woman. I read and I see it in not elegant terms, but very open words. I thought about what I read and decided that this sounds so boring. I felt that life may be what the poem stated in reality.

But for me there is more. That is where I am a weird person. I am always having to dig underneath   the words, in between the lines. I saw that the reason I see things differently than the author of the poem is I add love, compassion, understanding and vigor to my life. I have to spice it up, see the small miracles, give thanks to God for any little thing I have and do. I can not afford to see such parallel at this point in my life. Caring for my brother takes more than just love for him.

I have to love God even deeper. Count on friendships harder. Pray more often.

Maybe some of you will totally disagree with me. This is alright. You may have a brain better equipped to see things and figure out stuff than I do. Maybe you will even want to offer me some advice.

I would also like to offer you the opportunity to point out verses that you are familiar with in the Bible. Please show me that it is impossible that our loving Mother is not conversing with Al. Tell me that Al is not in his right mind when he says he is speaking to Mom. That he has seen her hand reaching down to him.

I am confused, can you tell? A big part of me wants to believe that Mom is here to  help Al when the time is right for him to leave. Yet I also believe in God and his word. I don’t think for one moment that any evil is in our house. Why? Because there is too much love for God between Al and me. We lean on him so heavily how could any evil enter?

This is not a lose/win session between me and you, my friends. This is a time when I have to admit I don’t understand the Bible as well as you. I am looking for answers, as most of us are from time to time.

Here is what I told you I would let you read that I read.


The Question

These are the words of the Quester, David‘s son and king of Jerusalem.

Smoke, nothing but smoke. That’s what the Quester says.

There’s nothing to anything- it’s all smoke.

What’s there to show for a lifetime of work,

a lifetime of working your fingers to the bone?

One generation goes its way, the next one arrives,

but nothing changes- it’s business as usual for old planet earth.

The sun comes up and the sun goes down,

then does it again, and again- the same old round.

The wind blows south, the wind blows north,

Around and around and around it blows,

blowing this way and that- the whirling, erratic wind.

All the rivers flow into the sea,

but the sea never fills up.

The rivers keep flowing to the same old place,

and then start all over and do it again.

Everything’s boring, utterly boring-

no one can find any meaning in it.

Boring to the eye,

boring to the ear.

What was will be again,

what happened will happen again.

There’s nothing new on this earth.

Year after year it’s the same old thing.

Does someone call out, ” Hey, this is new”?

Don’t get excited- it’s the same old story.

Nobody remembers what happened yesterday.

And the things that will happen tomorrow?

Nobody’ll remember them either.

Don’t count on being remembered.

Well this is what I read. If you have any words of wisdom please feel free to speak to me or write to me. Now, I am going to go read the verses my friend pointed out.spirit worldAnimatedAngelbook-of-lifebook4