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You have to learn a new skill. Do you prefer to read about it, watch someone else do it, hear someone describe it, or try it yourself?

This one is an easy answer for me. I have to try it while listening to someone describe it. I went to college. I tried following a long in the books but it didn’t work. I took notes and then went home and read the chapters alone in a quiet atmosphere. I made more notations and then saved them.

I can’t read and learn at the same time. I always thought I may have some disability with comprehension. I have to read something, highlighting what I think is  was important. Then I would go back and dissect it to learn.

I would take my notes back to class and pick-up more key notes but even then, I would wait until the  night before a test and pull out all of my notes and study. This is how I learn anything.

If I have bought something that needs put together I will toss the directions to the side. I will try to put it together from my eye’s view first. Only if I don’t succeed within a reasonable amount of time will I glance over the photograph descriptions, never reading the words.

I know it sounds strange but this is how I learn. I don’t like reading that well unless it has grabbed my attention in the first couple of pages. Research is another thing that gets me excited. I love to research. Since I love antiques, I will spend many hours looking at every thing I can find. This is a major thrill to me.

Everything I have learned about antiques through the years has been done by research and hands on training. I don’t know if I do have a weird way of learning but at my age, who cares. They say you learn the most in your first five years of life. Now I look at anything new I learn is definitely a bonus.

Honest Answers Only

This class that I started today was pretty good. I found out that on January 24th they are meeting as a group to socialize at a local restaurant and have invited me to go. This would be good for me. The highlight of the luncheon is reading books and discussing them. The teacher of the class asked me if I read books, and I kind of chuckled and said no, but I write and have written one book and started another. She seemed excited. She treated me like I was someone famous. I laughed out loud, because I definitely am not famous.

Now I wish I would have lied and said yes I read books. She wants me to read one of my poems or a short story. You know me. I don’t think I am good enough or have enough talent to read in front of people.

Give me your honest opinion. Do you think I should do this? Or will I make a fool of myself in front of these nice people? Should I politely turn her request down?


Daily Prompt; Morton’s Fork/The Daily Post

Today, I am writing for The Daily Post/Daily Prompt. The quest today is:

Writing boxes

If you had to choose between being able to write a blog (but not read others’) and being able to read others’ blogs (but not write your own), which would you pick? Why?

This is a difficult position to be in. I love reading blogs as much as I love writing them. Being placed in a corner with my thinking hat on, I am now being forced to choose.

Although, I love making new friends;having new friends, I have to choose writing. The reason being is healing. I am pretty much alone in my home. This causes one of two things. I can either talk to myself and answer my own thoughts, or I can write and heal.

It sill isn’t quite a complete puzzle. The healing comes from writing and the comments made by other friends and bloggers. Could I heal while only writing? While thinking this over, the answer could be yes.

I can use it as an example. If you are so mad at someone, or have been hurt terribly, you can write. After completing the letter, you can go back and read it. You can store it and read it again later. You can save it, and maybe by reading it again, you can heal the mouth that can wound others. I have done this just today. I have placed it in my save box, to read later. I will try to heal thy self without hurting others.

I have another prospect  to also heal without reading others blogger and receiving their comments. What is the answer here? It is tried and true. Speak to God. Let God know your hurts, your desires, your pain. Let him guide you through your words. I guarantee if you let him lead your fingers it will work! When you have written the letter, you can go back and read. You will see God’s answer to your problem. The glory of this is that it is too easy. We are always looking for other ways to heal. We go to friends, co-workers, parents, spouses. The whole time we are running around telling everyone, we could have spotted  the answer, staring us in the face.

So with this challenge being written, I have to say I would continue to write and have God sitting here by my side, guiding my fingers all the way. The sad note added here is, I would miss my friends, who are now a part of my family, terribly.

From Fairy Tales To Reality

Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad Wolf (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When we were children, we were read many books, that would lull us into a restful sleep, to only arise upon the morning sun. Visions of sugar plums dancing in our young minds, dreams of fairy princesses, making our wishes come true of the new toy our heart desired for the moment.

Wiggling down under the covers, afraid of the big bad shadows  that may come along and get  us. Worrying at our young age, that when we woke up, and went to the kitchen, we really would see green eggs and ham.

Counting sheep when we could not sleep, and watching the cow jump over the moon, was fun. We could spend many nights daydreaming our way into sleep land. Watching Captain Kangaroo, and asking mommy, if we could go see a talking moose. Being afraid, that if we told our parents that we got a bad grade on our report card, and instead chose to hide our report card, causing us to lie to mom and dad about where the card went, would and could cause our nose to grow long.

There was the wicked witch of the east that hated everyone, forcing me to go crawl into bed with my parents for fear of the unknown. The three blind mice, see how they run. Will they try to run over my blankets in the dark tonight?

How about the scene, where I had to close my eyes, because watching a frog kiss a princess to me was gross, the kiss was awful, but the frog was pretty cool! I remember having mommy help me pray that the cowardly lion would get a heart like we had.

One time it took me hours to fall asleep as I was afraid of the giant chasing me and wanting to eat me in Jack and The Beanstalk. I learned that if I bent over and made my arms  like a spout, I could pour tea. This was magic!

I asked daddy one day what our house was made of, and he said, aren’t you a little young to be involved with architects? I told him I wanted to make sure the big bad wolf couldn’t blow our house down, and he laughed and picked me up and gave me a big hug and a kiss, and said don’t worry, we will keep you safe.

One day I went outside for my play time and I spent my time digging holes in the yard, looking for my magic lamp. Mom cried when she saw the damages to the yard. This made me feel bad, and I hugged her and promised I would never dig holes again.

One time I was playing dress up in my mommy’s closet, and I picked out a bright, shiny dress and put it around my head and pretended to be Little Red Riding Hood. I found out later it was mom’s special nightie, whoops.

When we had my favorite dinner, I made sure to gobble mine right up so the big bad wolf would not eat it all. I would check in the mirror and see if my teeth were beginning to grow as long as the wolf’s.

I was afraid of spiders, as they would come try to scare me away, and not let me eat my meal. I asked mom if I could take a lamb to school one day, because I was lonely, and I wanted a new friend for myself, and she said no!

I learned what sounds the animals made by singing the song Old McDonald had a farm. One day I went through all of the clothes closets and pulled out everyone’s shoes. I lined them up in a row, and then looked in each one trying to see the Old Lady That Lived In The Shoe. Mommy made me put them all back, right now!

I never wanted to lose my mittens, because if I did, I would not get any of that pie tonight, that mommy baked, and it sure smelled good. I think it was cherry pie.

We were all brought up on fairy tales, and these were some of my favorites that I was read, and I also read these to my children. Now, today, there are no more fairy tales, and I realize that the life I live is called reality. I can still dream, and I have the right to make my own choices in my life. I can choose to be the fairy godmother, or the wicked witch of the east. I can choose to walk forward, or to remain in the past.

For me, I have chosen to walk the path moving forward. I don’t want to be any particular fairy tale. I figure the best I can be is a combination of several of my favorites. Carrying with me the fables of love, attitude, dreams, and hope for the future.

I Am Learning From You

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I find it fascinating when I read everyone’s blogs, of what interests lies from within each person. I also find it sad, when I see bloggers that feel like they have to hurt others if the other person does not agree. I have read blogs about recipes, that look so wonderful, they make my mouth water, and I have seen recipes and photos of food, that I  have never heard of  before, wondering if I would enjoy it. There are blogs that come from young men and ladies, trying to find their place in this world. I get much enjoyment from reading these youthful blogs, as I can go back in my own memories, and remember what little insignificant item was a really big deal. I read many blogs about people who have depression, and I find this so sad. Or, there are several that have lost their spouses, or boyfriends or girlfriends and feel so completely alone, staggering through the healing process. These, I can relate to, as I think most of us at one time or another have lost that first crush, or the person we thought we were going to spend the rest of our lives with. I have learned much through these readings. I have learned about atheists. I barely know how to spell it, let alone understand it. Reading about why issues are so important to each individual, is a way to get to know the blogger without knowing them in person. I have made some really close friends on here without ever having met them. When we write, we are opening our souls for the world to see. We don’t need fancy clothes, or make-up on our faces. Our hair does not need to be even brushed. There is no way you can impress me other than through your words. I have had bloggers that read every single one of my stories, and I have had bloggers who I don’t recognize. I have been forced to get on bended knee and thank God for all of my little blessing I receive daily. I am learning each day to recognize these small blessings. Many of you may not even recognize them if you were here with me. God makes blessings so unique, they are special fitted just for us, like a well fitted, tailored suit. Before, I started blogging, I had no one to really talk to about my struggles. I would talk to my children, but inside of me, I would feel like a broken record, and I am sure I was boring them. It is not until you have cared for someone, or lost someone who you truly loved to  understand another persons position. I have three bloggers that are with me daily, no matter what day of the week. They are encouraging, and uplifting. They offer words of comfort along with bible verses. I hate to admit it, but I am a person who can’t seem to concentrate very well. Reading my bible is sometimes a chore for me, because my mind wanders to Al, or doctor appointments, or things I need to do and get done. I feel guilt over this because I was taught to keep my nose to the book. Read a chapter, understand it each day. Sometimes when I read, I am reading without understanding. Thanks to bloggers, I have been taught verses, and their explanations, and where I can find them in the good book. For me personally, this has been a huge blessing.  I have not been alone one time since I started blogging in March. I have comfort when ever I am online. God has used my computer and my fingers, and with his help, has helped me to help others and to help myself. The way I see it, this is a huge blessing, that took me quite awhile to recognize it. I am in the word each day, sometimes several hours a day. I pray for others who are suffering. I recognize my own weaknesses and ask for help from you and our loving God.  I have been blessed with wonderful awards for the words I write. I don’t feel as if I deserve them. I don’t use big words that I have to find a dictionary to spell and understand. I have had no formal training in writing skills and classes. I have only been through partial college. I write from my heart, in an elementary style understanding. In the past two months I have learned much from you, and I have been blessed by you. I was asked last night by a blogger friend if I would start a quote sight. They told me they would be the first to join. This made me feel so good inside to know that others were understanding and enjoying my words. Last month I started a new blog page about calming music. So as of this morning here at WordPress, you can find three different web pages by me.  The sight you are on now, where I write short stories to warm the heart and soul, and the two others are http://mymusicthatcalmsme.wordpress.com/   music to sleep to, relax, and enjoy, and my latest one http://quotes4meandyou.wordpress.com/  this is a brand new page, with only three quotes in it, so far. It is mainly soul thoughts. If any of you would like to add a favorite quote of yours, and you don’t mind it being on my own blog, I will add it to the list, so that we may all share. I want to thank each of you for being here for me, for your advice, your prayers, your laughter and your tears that we have shared together. God Bless each of you

Opposite Paths


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He bumped into her knocking her down. Books flying everywhere. Loose papers going in all directions. She bent down to pick them up, cursing him to herself, as she knew this was going to make her late to class. She could hear him apologizing to her, but she was ignoring him, scrambling to pick up everything. He bent down to help her, and soon, they had everything neatly back in her hands. He looked straight into her eye, and said with a sincere voice, that he was so sorry. She said ya ya, I gotta go. She breezed by him, leaving him standing there watching her go, then turned around and went to his own class. She entered her class room, all eyes fell upon her, as they were all seated. A stern look from the teacher, told her to go silently to her seat. He found his seat, and as the teacher said open your books to page number 105, his mind drifted back to the incident in the hallway. He felt like a fool. She was so beautiful, with her long, blonde hair. Her eyes were the color of the sky. The teacher came by his desk and smacked  his hand on his desk. I asked you a question. Wake up! He came back to reality, hearing snickering around him, as he had been caught daydreaming. After class was over, it was lunch time. He went to his locker and got out his brown bag, and proceeded to outside under the big oak tree. He sat down, using the trunk as his back support, and ate his lunch that his mom had packed. He then pulled out his paper back book. It was a book about how to become more confidant in yourself. He was pretty engrossed in it, so he didn’t notice the shadow standing over him until he heard someone clearing their throat. She was staring at his book, and trying to read the title. I heard her say, do you always sit out here alone? He said yes, I like to have time to myself after going from class to class. It clears my head. She walked on by. He watched her get into her red sports car and take off. He shrugged his shoulders, and sighed, and went back to his reading. A couple of days went by and classes went as normal. She found him at his favorite spot, under the tree, reading. She walked up to him, and this time he had seen her coming. He cleared his throat, and sat up a little bit straighter, running his fingers through his hair. She came and stood in front of him. Saying nothing, placing awkwardness between them. He asked her if she wanted to sit down, she sat. He watched her as she pulled a brown paper bag out of her book bag, and she started eating. No words were spoken. He couldn’t even read his book, he was so aware of her sitting beside him. After both had finished their lunches, she asked him where he lived, did he work, what kind of car did he drive. He answered  that he lived a few blocks away, that he didn’t work, and he walked to school. She asked him what kind of book was he reading the last time she had seen him. He said it was a book on how to better himself. She asked what was wrong with him, he said nothing. Lunch was over, and each went their separate ways back to class. At the end of the school day, she saw him coming out of the front school doors. He saw her immediately and walked her way.  She said matter of fact, that she would walk with him on her way home, as she only lived a block further. He thought he was going to faint, right there in front of her. The most beautiful girl was going to walk home with him. There was very little conversation between the two as they walked the few blocks. As they came to his house, she waved and said see ya. He smiled, and turned towards his front door. That night, sometime after supper, he heard his mom yell at him that he had a phone call. As she handed him the phone, she covered the ear piece and whispered to him that is was a girl on the phone. He waited for his mom to leave the room, and said hello, in a barely heard voice. She said that she had went through some of her father’s books in his library and found some books on confidence. Would he like to borrow them. He said sure, his voice a little stronger now. She asked him if he would be home that coming Friday night around seven. He said ya. She said I will see ya then. He hung up the phone and leaned up against the wall. There was a daze in his eyes, and sort of spacy look. Friday at school seemed to never end. When he got home, he picked out the coolest clothes he could find, and took a bath. He splashed on some cologne, and went down to supper. Mom and dad just looked at him and each other, and smiled. At seven prompt, the door bell rang. He let her in. After a brief introduction with parents, they walked out to the porch swing and both sat down. She handed him the books that she had brought, and together, the boy with no confidence, and the high-class girl, made a connection that would last the rest of their lives.