My Walk In Hope

wave_touristIt isn’t easy

Walking alone

Among the wolves

Hoping the walls

Don’t collapse

Around you

It’s easier to

Carry the burdens

When there are

Two in agreement

But I am put

Here for a purpose

I strain to

Find my gift

My offering

To the world

So I will continue

To do what

I am called to do

Walk with one

Foot in front

Of the other

Until I am

Given the word

That now I can rest.

Picture It & Write; Blind Sight Edition

http://ermiliablog.wordpress.compictureitandwrite2copy-1seventies photo

The picture in my mind

Resembles this photo

I came across

Racing up the steps

Once again from school

Running back down the steps

To be with my friends

Slumber parties, skate-a-thons, driving my new second-hand car

My boyfriend walks up to meet my parents for the first time

My family walking down together to go to church

Walking slowly down as we attend funerals of loved ones.

Watching Daddy walking up the stairs coming home from work

Where have all the days gone

Have I really gotten older?

Am I all grown up

Now I sit here with this picture in my mind

Smiling as I travel down memory lane

If only I could reach out and touch

Mommy and Daddy’s hands once again.


Terry Shepherd


Daily Prompt;Study Abroad/ The Daily Post

Townhall of Stuttgart/Germany

Townhall of Stuttgart/Germany (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you were asked to spend a year living in a different location, where would you choose and why?

You know that saying, curiosity can kill you? This is one time I would choose to take that route. Every once in a while I have this dream. It is precisely the same each occurring dream. There is a red brick path that you walk on. The bricks are formed in to a large circle and seem to run for miles. They are surrounded by many walkers, and beautiful colored businesses.

When I look off in the distance, I see blue skies with white feathers of clouds. In the center of these Wizard of Oz bricks, there sits a round bench. In the center of this stands a very tall tree. I don’t know what kind of tree it is, but it is always a welcome sight, when the days are long and hot.

There are friendly faces of older people. A few bicycles are riding by with young people waving as if we know each other. There is various conversations going on all around me as people crowd close on the bench. We have brought tiny broken pieces of bread, and we all toss the bread to the pigeons as we talk.

This whole scenario is in Stuttgart Germany. I don’t know if I was there and it is real. Or maybe it is a place I have seen in a book or felt in a dream. I lived in Stuttgart many years ago as a young bride, while my husband served in the military. Unfortunately, I just can’t remember this scene when I think back.

If I had to live abroad for a year, I would definitely go to this part of the world. I would want to go to the center of the city and find my cement bench surrounded by peaceful shade, friendly birds and chatty friends. I remember a few words from Germany, just enough to get me by in case I get lost. Yes, Stuttgart would be the ideal place. I would already feel at home.

Our Walk

Last evening my son and his family invited Al and me to go with them on their walk. Al said it was fine with him, so we both got ready, and I placed his new scooter in the trunk of the car. It was a warm evening and the time when we arrived at the spot was seven pm. There was a nice breeze that let you enjoy the walk without the sweat. We saw nature at its best for being in town. There are several walk way paths around this area. This one is close to the hospital. My son and his son spent most of the time taking blades of grass and producing music through them, by placing them a certain way in the mouth and blowing. His girlfriend and her three year old were fun to watch, as she was chasing after him as he was racing to investigate every bug. Al realized that he could go faster on his scooter so he would go way ahead of us, and then stop and look back, and smile, resting his arm on his head, as if he was just being patient, waiting for us to catch up. I heard a lot of different birds, and we saw frogs and tiny fish, and plenty of deer foot prints. The trees were in line with the sun setting so I took a few pictures and have placed them here so you can see what we saw. We walked two miles, and the time went very fast, as there was so much to see, with my family and God’s nature. We had a really nice time, and am hoping they will invite us again soon.