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This is your time to shine. To make a comment on the topic below. I had a question asked to me today by a lady who blogs on another site. Her question was this.

If I want to be able to speak and voice my thoughts on any topic in the world what would you suggest it to be?

My answer was, religion. I say this because there have been places I  have been to and people I have been around that I tend to clam-up about my views. Various reasons come into it such as fear of ridicule, being set apart.

It is another thing to write or say things online. My reason for saying this is because strangers read what you write. It is very hard to keep what you do online private; no matter which buttons you click on.

I have heard stories about how politicians read postings on Facebook. I know of one time a police was in a chatroom and busted a minor for sexual content. (This was years ago). Point being we just don’t know who is reading what anymore; so my question is:

Are you willing to state how you feel about religion or politics to anyone anywhere? Would you be willing to be stoned as Jesus was? Or do you pick and choose the topic and where you are?

Please place your comment below.