Daily Prompt; You’re a Winner

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You’ve just won $1 billion dollars in the local lottery. You do not have to pay tax on your winnings. How will you spend the money?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us RICH.

Interesting prompt, I believe. In my opinion there are two ways to look at this. The dreams of living or the living in reality.

How many times have you sat in front of the television eagerly awaiting the lottery numbers to be called. Excitement filling you and some anxiety. Maybe a feeling of a little luck, makes your emotions taller than the tallest building in the world. You feel it, you can almost taste it. Your numbers you picked are going to be it.lottostoresnpa400_19bu53n-19bu540

Quietly, barely breathing you listen to each number called. If it is with you like it is with most people who play, one or none of your numbers are called.

Disappointment sets in. Hope disappears. The visions of that new sports car drives quickly a way.sports car

Maybe after you spend numerous dollars each week and set yourself in front of the TV, you may get lucky. If you are truly full of luck you could be the real winner. And if you are that one in a million what will you do with your winnings? Will it be spent on charities, family, cars, houses, bills? It doesn’t matter to me. What is important to me is not how much you won, but how will it change you.

Will it make your ego soar? Will you give thanks to the one who made it possible for you to win it? I don’t know the answer to this. Lottery can be a great entertainment, I admit. I used to work in a gas station and I would see people spend almost their entire pay checks on beer and lottery. A few days later they would come in for gas complaining about how high-priced life is to live. How they only have a few bucks left until the next pay-day. That there freezer is empty. It is theirs and your choice to live any  way you wish, but remember, for every decision you make there is always a good or bad pay off along with it.

Now there is the other type of winner. It doesn’t necessarily even have to do with God. It has to do with your attitude in life and about life. How you feel about yourself. Do you wake up each morning being thankful you have one more day to make the best of it? If the sun is shining, you smile; and if it is cloudy or raining, you don’t gripe. Instead you instantly can think of something that needs to be done indoors for the day. And as you look at the brown grass, you realize that the rain is desperately needed.

Do you go to the fridge and get out food to fix a meal? Do you give thanks to anyone for being able to do this? Do you ever stop and ponder that maybe that old man/woman on the corner isn’t eating this morning because they don’t have enough money to buy food? Or maybe they have the money but no one has made the effort to take their grocery list to the store and along with their money get what they need? Maybe you feel generous enough that you can toss in a couple extra cans of soup for them.

campbell soupHave you ever thought how darn lucky you are that you can still make the choice whether to do this or that; to be laid back or dig into some project that has been calling your name?

Some people wake up in the mornings and don’t know what day it is. Is it night or even day? Age and sickness ravish this world. You and me are lucky enough to still be able to walk, think and talk.

Now to me, as long as I have my bills paid and food on the table, I consider myself blessed and rich. Of course a few extra jingles in my pocket would be nice. A drivable car is very nice. To have one car in our driveway is awesome. But many times I see two, three or more sitting in one driveway.

We all have multiple TV’s, more than a land line phone, almost everyone has a cell phone on top. Riding lawn mowers, snow blowers, leaf blowers have replaced manual work. Our lives are so easy compared to fifty years ago,and for some reason we still keep wanting more.

This is human nature. I don’t blame anyone for feeling this way at all. We can’t help ourselves. But we need to realize how good we have it today. We are walking, talking, breathing, making choices, dressing ourselves, loving, hating, eating, reading, hearing, smelling, touching. We are rich in these areas and yet we don’t realize it each day when we get up.

So there are two riches in life. Maybe you are the one in the million that has both riches. Maybe you feel you have nothing to feel rich about. But I bet if you reread this again, you will discover you may be the richest one of all.

Sad Yet OK

I was saddened and yet a little ok with the news that the new lady quit already. She was here one week, but I didn’t really get any break. She wasn’t strong enough to even help roll Al over. I did everything for Al. She just fed him. So you can see my disappointment in having no help and yet what help? So back to the drawing board.

I got my four hours today so I bought groceries and went to the antique store. I am having issues with still learning my camera so the photos are not perfect, so please bear with me. I bought Al a vintage truck. I found me a baby doll, a couple of Christmas old ornaments, and an old salt and pepper shaker set in piggies. Here they are.

DSC00082DSC00083DSC00088DSC00085victorian doll

One Last Time

I wanted to  provide an update about one of the issues I have been fighting with for a couple of months. It is about Al and the huge bill at the nursing home.

He was over the limit by a few dollars which caused a delay for coverage in the beginning of the year. After trying to fight it on my own, I finally got the Ombudsman involved. It took several weeks to get an answer, but I did today.

When he started out with this debt, it was 7,000 dollars. Thanks to you and  hard work on my end I have it down to 4,000 dollars.

The problem is Al is coming home real soon. I found out today he can be home by late next week. It will cost more for groceries, utilities, etc., which will slow down the bigger payments.

The Ombudsman got back with me today. Al does owe the debt, what is left. Once Al is released, they can no longer collect from him, but they can sue me as his guardian. Although, they can not directly make me pay, I will have to find a way for Al to get money to pay it.

The sad thing is; the facility is charging him  60 dollars a month in interest. Hopefully, that amount of interest will go down each month.  I can make payments but I also have to be able to continue his funeral expenses. I have already looked into that through the government and because of the way the policy is written, it is not specified as a funeral, so they will not allot it.

I am coming to all of you once again for help. I have investigated every avenue possible. I know that after going through the legal Ombudsman, this is final. He does owe this, but I am very grateful for all who have helped thus far.

I am asking one more time, can anyone spare a little bit more? I feel so humiliated coming to you but I don’t have any more choices left. I so wish they would excuse the interest, but that is not going to happen.

I will continue to pay as I have been from monies here and there and your help, but I am asking for your help too.

The foundation takes all credit cards and PayPal. If you state it is a gift, there are no charges.

Please forgive me for coming to you on bended knee.

The foundation shows the original bill, which I have already stated is paid down now by 3,000 dollars, but the amount of days is correct for the foundation, which is 20 days.

Thank-you for reading and I just want you to know this plea has not been easy. I am used to finances being paid timely and finances being private. No one wants to hear others problems.

Please go to this link if you would care to help.


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I Hope This Helps



Please my friends, do not think of me as a lazy woman who is begging for nickels and dimes. I am working very hard making phone calls and letting the right people know of this situation my brother is in.

But on the other hand I have to, I must do what I can to help also. I am hoping that with the right authorities and God’s help this will be resolved in the correct way, but I can not stand or sit by and wait for others while I do nothing myself.

Many of you do not know me personally. You have learned about who I am through words only. I thought for some time how I can earn trust while still asking for any amount of help and I came up with this.

At the end of each week I will be transferring your help to my bank. I will then pay the amount I can and scan the receipt so that you may see that your help was truly used for this.

It gives me shivers to even consider doing anything more with your help but to pay on this big debt, but unfortunately there are many who do. I want to somehow put your mind at ease that this is for real. I hope that this helps take a way any questions anyone may have.


Daily Prompt ; A Plot of Earth / The Daily Post

Edwin Carter-Log Cabin Naturalist Museum (Circ...


You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please. What’s the plan?

Have you ever seen the movie titled Patch Adams? It is my ultimate movie. I have watched it more times than my age number. I am going to do something that I have never done before. I am going to replace Robin Williams, the star of the movie with me.

I am going to build a log cabin. This new home will over look mountains of green grass and wild flowers. You will be able to over-look the whole scene and feel the hope in the air.

After I have the cabin built, I will move myself along with a team of volunteers who are wanting to help. We would immediately begin to build another log style home in walking distance.

It would be on the large-scale of the home we live in. It would hold a very large waiting area with smaller rooms that hugged each side of a wall. A welcome desk would await each visitor that walked in the front door.

There officially would be no doctor on call. There would be volunteers of people with experience in the field of caring. A visitor would bring his weary soul in and find comfort. A cool drink of water a slice of fresh home-made bread with apple butter.  A cut would be cleansed and wrapped in a covering. A person who could sit with a client and be a good listener for all who want to talk. Hours would be open to all and volunteers would rotate hours and days. You would never see a closed-door to anyone needing a hug.

Behind the home there would be a vast space that is growing vegetables. Potatoes, tomatoes, corn, beans,  peas, onions, melons and carrots. If a customer could afford a few pennies these were placed in a jar and new seedlings would be purchased to continue growth all year round.

When someone comes in with an empty stomach, they could pick up a recycled bag and go to the garden and fill it up with nourishing foods. In a small plot next to the plants would be a patch of flowers. The clients could pick a couple of flowers to carry home with them. It would brighten their day.

Medical expenses are so high it is actually preventing people from seeking help. Many times it is of a medical need but so many other times it is an emotional need. The staff would grow by using clients to help out in ways that would use their talents. Maybe they would work in the gardens. Perhaps they would help to bake bread. Maybe they would help sweep floors or do laundry and hang on the clothes line outdoors. This is a situation where everyone would win.

The client would feel useful. The staff would become more than basic. Everyone helping everyone. During the dusk hours and breaks we would stand outside and look over the shadows resting atop the mountains and give thanks to our almighty God for giving us the opportunity to help just one person.


He Heard Our Whispers

Prayer Circle

Can it be this easy

To see stress leave

Or am I just lucky

That no one has grieved.

Is knowing that help

Is on its way

To save the damsel

And the man who does sway.

Not one tear has escaped

As we sat down and talked

We both know there is help

So he can continue to walk.

Two extra hands can only be good

To help with all things that we do

I pray that she shows and isn’t too late

As I knock on each piece of  wood.

I thank each of you

For the prayers that you gave

You know that my quest

Was asked not by one but by twos.

I do not know what tomorrow will bring

But I thank God for this wonderful  day

Giving strength and some peace for each of us

It brings joy to my heart, and now it does sing.

Terry Shepherd