I Will Stand


Heart is thumping

Nostrils flaring

Heavy breathing

Cheeks red in flush

Carrying burdens

Wearing amour

Feet flying

Arms swinging

Stopping at the door

No more looking back

Pull my shield in place

Walk in taking my seat

People filtering in

False smiles greet me

Questions of why we are here

Mentally pulling out my notes

Quietness surrounds the room

I stand and cough

To clear my throat

I look to my sides

I see you my friends

And God standing with me

I ask God to help me now

As I open my mouth to speak

Confidence comes out as words

Speaking on behalf

Of all people who

Are considered different

Or with illness

Which they do not understand

Victory shall be mine

As I step back and grab

A hold of my first victory

My goal is coming true

Dignity and respect

Will be yours my friend.

Terry Shepherd


Hanging In or Hanging Out

Day 135 Cough cough

No I am not dead

I have it in the head

With eye infection still

Some bronchitis against my will

I coughed all of last night

This morning I looked a fright

I have had many well wishes

You all are perfect dishes

I am sorry I have not replied

When I sit up I feel like I have died

It has been a whole hour

The cough has not had the power

I think this is really good

I may soon be out of the woods

Terry Shepherd



My Absence

Original caption: I had a cold for the last co...

Please forgive me for not being here

I am sick and could use some cheer

Cough and cough and runny eyes

The kleenex in the basket is starting to rise

My head hurts and so does my ears

Too much coughing going on here

I go to the doctor tomorrow at noon

I hope to be better real real soon