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When you started your blog, did you set any goals? Have you achieved them? Have they changed at all?

When I first started blogging I was blogging with blinders on. I didn’t know what I was doing or what I was to be writing about.

What does a person write about when the one punching at the keyboard is so boring? I don’t write as an editor for some well-known magazine. No one even knows my name. I don’t even live in New York City.

I did know that I was sitting in front of my screen because I was called to do it. I went back to my very first post I published and found this. It is called Stillness and it went as this;


He was young when he met her. Their eyes met, and it was love at
first sight. They spent every moment available to them being together,
holding, touching, kissing, going as far as they dare go. No one said a
word to let them know they were treading dangerous grounds. No one
warned them to keep a distance. All summer long they went swimming,
picnicking, exploring what life had to offer and each other. At year’s end
the thing  feared happened. She became pregnant. The fear rose in
her voice as she stuttered the news to him. What were they going to do?
What would they say? Now the parents stepped up. Shaming them, telling
them how bad they were. Both were kicked out of the comfort of their
homes. Forced to try to figure out how to survive. He got a dime store
job that paid little. She went on the system to help her eat. They lived
in an ally apartment. He was scared. Sorry he had ever done this to
himself, not thinking of her. One day while she was at the doctor, he
packed his few belongings and snuck off leaving her with nothing, the
same as he gave her when he entered her life. She came home to tell him
the baby would arrive within the next 24 hours. She heard silence, saw
nothing. She knew he was gone. During the night, the pain was horrific.
She got her coat on and went out into the darkness. She tried to walk to
the neighbor’s house to ask for help. Please help me with this
pain……….She never made it. She gave birth right there on the grass under
the huge oak tree. The cord was wrapped, the color was blue, there was
no sound. Silence and chill stayed with her forever more…………terry

I could see it was me that had written it without even my name showing I knew. It has the same quality about life and people who my stories do today.

I started making some goals after I wrote a few posts. One was to help others learn that there is a caring God. Another was to show that even in our darkest moments God does not sway from us.

I am the first to show my weakness. I still gather my friends near me and ask for comfort. I have done some things with God’s help. I saved a person from committing suicide. I brought one person back to God who was seriously considering leaving him at the cross.

I still work on this same goal even though I have reached it. Because there is going to be a need for this until our very last breath on earth. We as a nation are hurting and confused. Many of us have struggles from our childhood or broken hearts.

I always refer back to we all want the same basic things. We want to know we are loved and cared about. So this goal will never stop as long as my fingers can type.

The other goal I made several months down the road has not happened as of yet. But I still keep my hopes high that I will see it one day.

This goal is to reach 1000 likes or clicks or comments in one day. I came close one time. I had 663 on one 24 hour period. I will keep working towards that.

So in the end, I have met some fantastic people. Some have come and gone. Others have stayed. Friendships have formed. I have talked to some over the phone. Others have made plans to meet. Some I have met.

It has been therapeutic for me, fun and a great learning experience. Thank-you God, friends, and WordPress.