#FWF Free Write Friday; Fall Word Bank


foliage – amber – wicker – aroma – sweater – cocoa

Rebecca sat on the big, white porch. Sitting in the wicker rocker, looking out over the lush lawn. Foliage of dark green everywhere her eyes wandered.  So many shade trees, too numerous to count. Long, winding pebble drive, throwing layers of dust as the rider raced up the path.

It was her beau. Coming to court her. Thomas was going to escort her to the afternoon picnic. There was a dance following. Rebecca was wearing her prettiest party dress.

southern bellShe could see him in his white pants. The ones that fit so snug.

Shivers went down her spine as she was going to be his wife very soon.man on horse In less than two weeks the front lawn would be transformed into a beautiful ball room. Streamers would hang from the trees. Soft orchestra music playing in the background as couples danced cheek to cheek. Champaign  being  poured like waters flowing from a fountain. Gaiety would be heard from miles around. . Here is where she and Thomas would commit themselves for the rest of their lives.

Her Papa was at the stables. He was gearing up the carriage that Thomas would be leading her to the social event.

Thomas  came in front of the manor. Looking up into her eyes he smiled. A beautiful picture framed his mind and he jumped down from the horse and went over and took her hand. Holding it in his, he leaned in and kissed her on the cheek.

Rebecca could smell the aroma of his strength. His statue and power that he held when he spoke held her captured to his every word.

The buggy was brought to Thomas and he taking her hand, helped her on to  the black, leather seat. He jumped in beside her and taking the reigns led the way to what everyone had been talking about for months.

As they neared he paused the horse and leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips. Looking down at her delicate, long fingers, he caressed the amber ring he had placed their six months ago. He touched the soft dip in her neck.

” I want you to know darling, that I am the luckiest man in the world. I can’t wait for our wedding to be over so I can take you in my arms and make passionate love to you. I want you to experience what a man can do to show his love for his lady.”

Rebecca quivered as his breath whispered into her ear. He took the reigns again and drove on until they reached a place to park the carriage. Lifting her down and tucking her hand in his he led her to where the tables were.

Lined with white linens and colorful appetizers greeted them. Pouring her a cup of tea he led her to a seat in the shade. The over sized oak tree would keep her milky skin safe.

The two of them separated for a while. Mingling amongst the crowd. The music started playing and Thomas came to her and offered his hand, showing he wanted the first dance with her.dancing

Holding her tight around the waist the two danced to the music. So much in love.

Everyone was having a grand time. The weather was perfect. Blue skies with no clouds. Just a hint of breeze dancing through  her locks of hair brushing against  his face.

Time was ticking so quickly. Drinks had been poured. Foods were sampled. Drowning in romance and music.  Was it time to leave already? It seemed like it had just begun.

Thanking the hosts and kissing cheeks everyone said their farewells. Thomas helped Rebecca back into the carriage and together they rode following the stars until they reached once again the front porch.flashing star

He helped her down and took her sweater from the rear passenger seat and wrapped it gently around her shoulders. Cupping her face in his he bent down and kissed her full lips. This immediately caused a stirring within and he kissed her once more and then led her up the four steps until she was safely standing.

Their hands reaching for each other, only letting go as he turned to walk down the steps. He looked to her one more time, smiled and got on the horse he had ridden here. Riding away; Rebecca watched until he disappeared.

She caressed her neck and then touched the ring on her finger. Dreaming of what was to come she opened the front door. Her Papa was sitting at the fireplace in his favorite chair. He patted the seat beside him, motioning for her to come sit by him.

She seated and he handed her a cup of his famous cocoa and said, ” tell me about your evening. Was it everything you hoped for?”


Free Write Friday, July 27, 2012

Shawn was in the apple orchard picking his sweetheart the biggest, plumpest apples he could find. He was going to give them to her tonight over dinner, to let her know that she was definitely the apple of his eye. After dinner he planned to ask her to be his wife.

He had been working on this plan for some time, getting it just right, providing the perfect setting. Julie had been a hard one to crack. She was better off financially than Shawn, and had at first looked down her nose at Shawn, but with much work and persistence, he had swayed her in his direction.

Shawn knew the moment he saw her he was going to make her his. He worked at a garage as a mechanic, and Julie brought her sports car in every two months for a check-up and an oil change.

When he approached her in the beginning Julie was very aloof from him. She was not falling for any of his humor. Julie had a two-year old sports car in the shade of jade. It had an intrinsic glow to it, and you could see it coming a mile down the road. The symmetry was perfect for this car. It could take curves quicker than you could blink an eye. Shawn bet that it could go from 0 to 100 in sixty seconds or less.

While the dating had begun between the two, Shawn worked as much as he could to save money for a nicer car than he, himself owned. There was nothing wrong with his car, but if he intended to continue to impress Julie, he had to park this one in the shadows of his garage and find a richer looking car.

The two ended up being very close, spending every free moment they could afford to. Shawn was brushing up on  his manners, and had been pumping iron in his bedroom every night, until everyone could not help but notice his immense muscles, and even Julie was impressed with his artistic form.

The owner of the garage knew Shawn’s intentions, and kept his eye open on newer, wheels for him. His boss saw that his feelings for Julie were sincere, and he was sure that Julie felt the same way about Shawn.

After about seven months had gone by, the owner of the garage motioned Shawn to stick around after the garage closed. Shawn thought he had screwed up in some way and he was about to get a chewing out, but when he met the boss in his office, there was a smile on his face, and Shawn let out a sigh of relief and sat down in the chair across from him.

The boss lit up a cigarette and handed one to Shawn, and as they enjoyed being off the clock, the boss asked Shawn if he had found his dream car yet, and Shawn hung his head a little down, and shook his head no. The boss jumped up from his seat, and putting his butt out in the ash tray, said come on, let’s check out what I found. Come out back here.

When they both walked through the back door, there sat a midnite blue Cadillac. It was a beauty! It was full of shine and plenty of chrome. The inside was alabaster in color. Shawn’s mouth dropped to his knees and his eyes bugged out of their sockets.

The boss explained that an old couple that he had known, well, the husband had passed on, and that his widow didn’t want the car any longer, and wanted to sell it. Now, he says to him, I  used to work on this car, and I know of a few minor things that need to be replaced and or adjusted. Would you be willing to purchase this baby? Shawn asked how much it was, and the owner stated that he had been needing an assistant manager to help run the garage, so he, the owner, could take a few more days off for fishing and car shows. He figured that with the increase in wages, he would be able to have this car paid off in a couple of months, if he could just come up with at least half now.

When Shawn found out the price and what the boss wanted up front, he knew he had that in his savings at home, so the two shook hands and a deal was made.

Shawn didn’t breathe a word of his new car to Julie. He wanted to pick her up in it the night he was going to ask her to marry him. He worked harder than ever at the garage, learning how to open and close the registers, where the buttons were and how to use them in case of a robbery. He learned how to make bank deposits. The owner was proud of his quick ability to learn, and in no time, the two months were up and the car, was his.

He had done it! He had improved himself, had respectable wheels, had moved up at work, and now as he drove his shiny new caddy  with his fresh picked apples and the diamond ring in  his jeans pocket, he was ready to pick up Julie and take her to dinner, and pop the big question.

When he pulled up to her house, she was standing outside waiting for him. She looked hot. That must be a new dress she was wearing, as he didn’t remember ever seeing her in it. She looked at him but her eyes kept bouncing back to the car. She asked him who’s it was and he told her it was his. She questioned him on how in the world he could ever afford it, and he just smiled and said he had his ways.

She told him it was a nice car, Shawn was disappointed, as he didn’t get the response that he was hoping for. He patted the box in his pant’s pocket, and opened the passenger door for her to get in. After shutting her door, he raced over to his side and got in. He turned the music up a little, the sounds coming from all corners.

They stopped in front of the restaurant, and he jumped out and went over and opened her door for him, and the two walked in. They were seated and given their menus. After their drinks arrived, and the orders were placed, Julie took  his two hands together, and laying hers over his, and said that she had something to say.

Shawn didn’t wait, he got up from his chair and left her sitting there alone, as he could hear the last part of her words echoing in his mind, I am so sorry, but I have found someone else. I like you but I don’t want to lead you on………….Shawn pulled the box out of his pocket and dropped it on the floor board of his car. He got in and drove home in silence,  pondering on what he hadn’t done to win her heart totally.

Thank-you Kellie for allowing me yet another chance to write for you on Free Write Friday.