Gratitude, Thankful, and Full of Hope

I don’t talk much about my finances, but today I am going to speak about them. When our Dad died we were left some money. No one was rich but there was enough for dreaming.

I had big plans. Stupid and silly dreams. Ones that usually flutter around in our mind but end up leaving as quickly as they entered. I was going to buy me a different car. I thought about taking a vacation. I did do that part.

I invited my daughter to spend a few days in Gatlinburg  Tn.gatlinburg I think she had as good of time as I did. We shopped and visited places. We got on roads that seemed to take us no where. We visited Ripley’s Believe it or Not.

We had a couple of shocks on our trip. One was the motel I booked, but we remedied that immediately. No one is going to put two ladies near the back entrance by the trash dumpsters. Nope, not going to happen.

We also visited roads that you literally had to back down the same way you drove up. We bought trinkets and ate junk food, although we added a couple of healthier meals in there, I think.

Other than that trip I didn’t do too much with the money. I do believe that God has a path carved for me and everything I do is for his purpose. I can look back now and see the exact carving that he has done.

When Al had his heart attack after Dad died, little did I know that I would use my inheritance to live on while I cared for my brother. It was all in perfect timing. I am not upset about this at all. I have enjoyed my life for the most part. I have been able to let Al experience life in a brand new way.

The money has carried me through these last several years with careful planning and budgeting. But it isn’t a money tree. I don’t go out back and shake the tree, leaning down and snatching a new batch for this month. It is running out, but it has served its purpose well.

For about six months I have let the prospect of not working and continuing to pay our car payment. For the past few months the thoughts have entered my mind more and more. I knew deep inside my heart that God would take care of everything but I couldn’t help starting to worry.

When Al came home two weeks ago, a lot of different programs were entered into our lives. He gets help through different state and government programs. I have been involved throughout all the meetings and decisions.

One day last week one of the business contacts was talking to me  and mentioned the hard work I am doing taking care of Al and maybe I should be compensated. I remember thinking I wish, and then that little worry came back to surface, the car payment.

The car will be paid off a year from this Christmas and to me it seemed like eons to go. This is my biggest bill. I like to have little bills, ones that are so low you almost laugh, but car payments are generally one of our larger debts.

Well this gentleman talked to this one and that one and the next thing I knew I was sitting in a training class, which was yesterday. I had been hired without an application or interview process based on my years of experience and the fact I was Al’s sister. I am being compensated for caring for my own brother.

It was an all day class. I had a lunch break and went to this little Coney Island restaurant to grab a quick bite to eat. It was pretty packed and I was on limited time. Of course I thought of all my friends and snapped these three  photos so you could get the feel of where I was.coney islandconey island 2conely island hot dog

I had to have a TB test, and a criminal background check, plus fill out tons of paper work. As soon as the check is back and the test is read, I am on the payroll. I will start getting paid next week.  My car will be paid. As long as I am taking care of Al the car will be paid.

Isn’t this just plain crazy? I just can’t believe how God does things in a big bang way. He actually used my loving my brother to help me make it financially. I am just blown a way. I won’t look down the road about the what ifs. I know if life changes and I still have that ball and chain around my ankle of a car payment, God will just give me another way to complete the debt.

I want to say one more thing before I quit jabbering in this post. 37 years ago, at 7:20pm I gave birth to the most beautiful baby boy. The biggest blue eyes I ever saw.  I don’t think he reads my blog but I still want to wish him a Happy Birthday. I love you so much. Now I will close and get a hold of him and tell him myself. Besides I know he will be peeking behind my back to see what gift I hold for him. Adult kids are no different from little kids. They all want their very own gift. Kids, don’t you just love them? I know I do.