Trailers For Sale



Well today it is official. I received monies for my trailer. It is sold, a done deal, unless God strike me down with lightning.lightening 2

No, I am not afraid of this. I prayed to God about the selling of my home remember? I knew that if it went smooth and I was able to find a new home, then it was from God; and this is the way it has happened so far.

The lady moving into it next month is a sweet lady. We could have been friends forever it seemed under any other circumstances.

All day until she arrived I was trying to straighten up the house as good as I could considering the house is a mess from packing. Shouldn’t it look more tidy the more I pack away? You would think so but it actually looks less than I like it.

I have always been a neat and tidy gal. Everything in its place and a place for everything. Now there are boxes in both bedrooms, and empty boxes ready to use in my brother’s bathtub. If a peeper broke into my house wouldn’t he be shocked when he pulled the shower curtain back and instead of seeing my cute, little, body, (cough, cough) he would pee his pants from fright seeing all those boxes?man with wet pants Well anyways, the house was tidy as possible  when she arrived. We sat down and chatted for about an hour. All paper work is signed and my smile was my stamp of approval. Lucky for me the new home I am going to move into next month, my daughter and her hubby are going to have it made a little more personal for my personality when I get there. Yes, life is looking up. I had the dream of where Al was standing at the foot of my bed, smiling and handing me clothes to pack up, so I have his approval. My kids seem alright with my decision. My kids are also pitching in and helping my move to be a smooth one. Now I guess I better get my rear in gear and keep on packing. So as the song goes, trailers for sale? Not this one, any