I Promise You I Do Swear

one fish, two fish, red fish ...

I know you promise all your strength


But tonight I am so tired


I look out my window and see the empty trees


And try to calm my body so wired.


I know that you my Lord have suffered


Ten thousand more times than me


But I feel weak and oh so tired


Can you see me Lord on bended knee?


I really try to do all that I can


To be a rock for him


To show him how much I really care


But to them I am no longer their fan.


They run and hide when I walk in side


I know they fear my face


But who will stand up for my brother


Who in this human race?


I put the world on hold for now


As I target in on your care


I will do what needs to be done for you


I promise you I do swear.


The guidelines do not match your case


You are in a league of your own


Why are my eyes the only to see


I will call in the troops that I now know…….


I promise you, I do swear.


Love you brother.


Terry Shepherd