This Explains

There are two wonderful people, in my eyes, that are worth, tuning everything and everyone out, in order to hear every word, and those two people are, Joyce Meyers, and Dr. Charles Stanley.

I have emails sent to me from each of these people, and they are also on my Facebook.

You all know that I question why God lets the sick that have long illness remain on this earth and doesn’t take them home. It doesn’t seem fair to me, that they should be left behind to suffer, sometimes more than others.

Today, as I was reading my emails, I came across Dr. Stanley’s motivational, and it spoke directly to me. Now I am not going to kid myself and say that I understand every single word, especially, since Al, is unable to do so many things for himself. He can not get out and witness to neighbors, or travel across the oceans to help others, but he is a believer of God. What God’s purpose is for him, in his condition, I do not know, but after reading this, I know that I can be a little more patient, and accept God  has a purpose for Al’s suffering. There is a reason he has not taken him home.

I have allowed my mind to get too involved with every word that Al speaks of death. I get worried, and become more alert to his actions, in general, causing me more stress and grief. It is hard to not get involved, being his sister, and also being his caregiver, but I need to back off. Friends on here, have helped me come to realize, I can not worry, it helps none. I can not try to change his thoughts, they are not mine to change, but I can listen, and still have a life of my own in these four walls.

I will continue to write often about Al, because I need someone to share my concerns with, and yes, I will still worry, but it helps to get things off my chest, and be able to live through out my day. I need to hear your comments, and I need to feel your support, and if I don’t write about Al, I won’t get either, but I am glad that I came across this motivational, because on top of your help, this also has helped me.

God has a purpose for your life. If that weren’t true, He’d have taken you home to heaven at the moment of salvation. Do you ever wonder why He left you here?

The Lord intends to influence others through you. Our purpose is to be a vessel through which Christ overflows to others–touching those who hurt and desperately need a Savior. Once we are saved, Scripture teaches, our involvement is threefold.

First, we love others. Jesus clearly stated that this was one of the two greatest commandments (Matt. 22:38-39).

Second, we share the good news of salvation (Acts 1:8). Some travel across the world to spread the gospel, while others teach neighbors across the street. The Holy Spirit will direct us to the right people if we are willing to obey.

Third, we serve in a variety of ways, like helping those in need, sharing our resources, and lifting others in prayer. Jesus is our perfect example of all three. His entire life was marked by caring for people–both those who loved Him and those who did not. In fact, the Bible teaches that He humbled Himself and became like us, willing to give up His life for our redemption. There is no greater love; there is no greater act of service

The Holy Spirit depicted as a dove, surrounded...

The Holy Spirit depicted as a dove, surrounded by angels, by Giaquinto, 1750s. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)