Trick-Or-Treat Fright Night

It was a chilly night. Katie pulled her cape closer to her. The winds sounded wicked. It was as if they were whispering evil words into her ears. Her body shivered and she looked up as if someone had said something to her. Two dark, long and slender clouds were floating in the moon’s face, forming the most wicked smile.

She was trick-or-treating. Her best friend and her had made arrangements to go out one more time, one more year, before everyone laughed because they were too old to be doing such childish things. The plans were broken though as her friend’s mother called Katie and told her, Lynn was down with a temperature and a sore throat.

Katie didn’t want to stay at home. She would never have that one last chance to go out. She didn’t want to pass out treats, she wanted to collect them. She decided to go out alone; but there was something creepy about the winds, and the crazy smile in the moon’s face.

She breathed a deep breath and started up to the first house with the porch light on. She knocked on the bell and stood back when the door opened and the sight she saw made her mouth drop and her eyes almost bug out.

It was a mask that greeted her. The body was very tall. Blood dripped from the lips. Blood covered the shiny knife in the left hand. A deep voice welcomed her, and with his free hand motioned for her to step inside.

Katie glanced inside, and saw the orange basket with the triangle eyes and nose. She looked around her and then past the bowl of treats. She hesitated but she wanted treats right? She darted past him and waited at the bowl for the masked person to hand her the treats.

A hand motioned for her to help herself and Katie slowly lowered her hand towards the bowl of candy. She lowered her hand until she felt the goodies and while keeping her eyes on the giver, she grabbed some candy. As soon as she had her hand full, a set of fingers grabbed her wrist and held on tight.

Katie thought she was going to pee her pants when the voice said, ” did you get all you wanted”? Katie shook her head up and down and the fingers dropped and she was allowed out of the front door.

She ran down the steps and out to the sidewalk. Her breathing was so quick and forceful, she started to feel dizzy. She walked over to the big oak tree and leaned against it; willing her breathing to calm down.

She then laughed out loud. That guy was some actor. Boy, he was really playing Halloween night all out. He was either a lunatic or had a wild imagination. She had herself composed and decided to go on to the next house.

There were two empty lots between the next house. She was almost ready to climb the steps when a hand reached from behind her and covered her mouth. The other hand wrapped itself around her waist and drug her away from the steps and off into the shadows.

Katie tried kicking at the person. She tried to scream but couldn’t get any sound to go further than the gloved hand. She fell to the ground with the robber falling on top of her. They tumbled a few times and then Katie managed to have the boogie man on his back.

She ripped the mask from the face and laughter echoed from tree branch to tree branch. It was her best friend. ” What, what in the world are you trying to do to me? Give me a heart attack? What are doing out?  Your mom said you were sick. You know, I should beat the shit out of you for scaring me almost to death”. Lynn stood up and helped Katie up. ” Hey girlfriend, my temp broke and mom said I could go out and look for you. Well, I found you, so are you ready to go trick-or-treating”? The two took off for the next porch light, laughing as best friends do. Trick-or-treat!



Choose Your Adventure/ The Daily Post

Choose Your Adventure

Write a story or post with an open ending, and let your readers invent the conclusion.


New Year’s Eve; a night of romance and new beginnings. Out with the old as they say. Julie had a pretty good old year and with her new resolutions she had made tonight, she was looking forward to the months ahead.

Julie was popular at school. She was in the tenth grade. She was smart, but it didn’t always show on her report cards. Boys seemed to take the top on her priority list. She had a steady boyfriend. She also knew that she would be heart-broken if they split, but there was always another waiting in line.

It is true that many wanted to date her. I don’t believe it was because of her outer beauty. Julie had a reputation that made guys huddle on a Friday night and speak their thoughts about what it would be like to be with her; if only for one night.

Teddy was a new boy at school. He wasn’t the most handsome stud, but ugly was not in the dictionary for him. He saw Julie and he wanted to date her also. He would leave notes on her locker.

Once he had flowers sent to her house. He would follow her as she walked home from school, staying far enough behind in his car so she wouldn’t notice. It was fall and within a month, a Halloween dance was coming.

Teddy wanted to ask her to go, but he didn’t have the guts. Insecurity was his middle name. A couple of days before the dance  he went to the shopping center and searched costumes and masks.

Trying the masks on and looking at himself in the small mirror, he finally decided on one. He paid for it and drove home smiling. The dance arrived. He had overheard Julie telling her friends that she would meet them at the school at 6:30 that night.

Teddy got in his car. He looked over to the passenger seat where the mask laid. He started the car and drove in Julie’s direction of her house. He didn’t see her so he went around the block a few times.

There she was. She was beautiful. He sucked in his breath as he pulled next to the curb and slid the mask over his face. He slowly drove up near her, checking out his where-a-bouts.

The timing was perfect. He pulled up beside her. He put his car in park. He got  out and went around to the opposite side, opening up the back door. He ran up to Julie and grabbed her. Before she could get any words out she had been placed in the back seat. Teddy jumped in the driver’s seat and took off.

What happens next folks?


mask 2

Weekly Writing Challenge; Cliffhanger,Weekly Writing Challenge

For this week’s challenge, write a post that will leave readers waiting for more. Breathless with anticipation. On the edges of the seats. Obsessively clicking “refresh,” waiting impatiently for the end of the story. We want to hear audible groans when readers reach the end of your post and see “To be continued…”


Lori ended her last day,  her last year in college. She was ready for a break. A long break. Enough of this studying. Too many professor’s lectures, more than enough of written papers. It was time to pack up and get out-of-town.

She invited her best friend Jen months ago to an outing to the mountains. The two gals had been saving every dime they could get their hands on. Instead of grabbing a coffee out, they invested in a coffee maker. Each of them took turns cooking suppers, saving even more money on groceries.

Now today was the day. Everything out of her locker she bounced with excitement the two blocks to her dorm room. Once inside she tossed her books on the bed. When she returned from her vacation she would box all of her supplies up and go back home.

But for now, it was a quick shower, a text to her girlfriend, and an evening of constant chatter. Each fell asleep with their words fading on their lips. Bright and early they got up and got dressed. Their bags had been packed for days.

Walking through the room one more time they each agreed they had left nothing behind. There was no food left in the cupboards and the fridge was bare so they stopped on the way out-of-town for some breakfast.

Bellies full along with their gas tank they headed out onto the open roads. Rolling the windows down and letting their hair fly out the window Jen turned up the radio and they sang to the tunes flying down the highway.

The mountain hike was only three hours from their college and in no time they had arrived. Peace and the birds was all they heard as they got out of the car. They got out all their supplies and their backpacks, locked the doors and headed to higher ground.

The trails were nice and dry. There hadn’t been any rain for some time so walking was easy. After walking for about a half an hour they stopped and rested. Looking out over the view all they could see was lush greens.

The air was pure and when they talked they heard their own voices echo off into the distance. They decided to have a snack and reached into their backpacks. They had packed some energy bars and with the fresh air even these pre-packaged ones tasted pretty good. Washing them down with water from their canteen they headed deeper into the forest.

It was almost dusk when they spotted an open area. Together the girls had their tent set up in no time. They found some kindling and built a fire. Everything ready for the night they chatted watching the flames of the fire and listening to the crackling of wood burning.

Both girls began to yawn. It had been a long and yet exciting day. Getting up early to attend the last classes and then no relaxing until now they both made comments about how tired they were.

Both girls crawled into their sleeping bags with their heads poking out of the unzipped flap. They talked a little longer and then it became quiet. Lori swatted at her hair, and then a few seconds swatted at her hair again. Without turning towards her friend she told her no more joking, time to go to sleep.

Her friend made some sort of noise to acknowledge she had heard what was said but she wasn’t prepared when suddenly two strong hands grabbed each girl’s hair and yanked them out of the tent.

hands 2

To be continued….