The Biggest Gifts In The Tiny Boxes

Yellow Mustard Seeds

Yellow Mustard Seeds (Photo credit: FotoosVanRobin)

I could not sleep. I dreamed it. I yearned for it. I told everyone I knew about it. I started counting down the days about a month prior to the big event. I scanned  the big Sears book. I hovered over the toy section when mom and dad took me on their errands on Saturdays. I looked at the shiny, new red bikes at Gambles store. I could just see me now,riding it with my friends, with everyone wanting to take their turn. Fancy streamers, of red, white and blue flowing in the air. The sounds of the new clickers coming from the spokes of the tires. I sure hope I get this! Maybe I would get a brand new hula hoop too! I was getting pretty good at it last year before I stumbled and fell on it. I cracked it. Mom made me throw it away. As the days got nearer, mom talked to me about the flavor of cake I wanted, and did she want me to call grandma and grandpa to come over. I hadn’t thought of them, but then instantly said yes. Another present! Oh boy! It was almost there. One more day. I set out my prettiest dress I owned the day before. Mom made me take a bath that night, and she combed my hair out and put bobby pin curls in. The next day it was here! All for me! Grandma and grandpa were here just in time to watch me blow out my seven candles. Grandpa handed me a card that had a whole five dollars in it. Grandma handed me two small packages. Dad told me to follow him out to the garage. Oh my stars! There sat the shiny new bike. Just the one I wanted! I jumped up and down with giggles and clapping my hands together. This was the best birthday I have ever had. I rode and rode. Only coming in when I could hear mom calling me. That night as I was putting my pajamas on, I saw the two boxes sitting on my bed. I was so excited over my bike, I had forgotten to open these. I ripped off the paper of the biggest box, and inside was a red bible. I looked inside, and there was a note from grandma telling me that this had been her mama’s bible, and now she wanted me to have it. In the smaller box, there was a little, clear glass marble. I picked it up and looked at it closer. It had some kind of yellow thing in it. I took it to mom and showed her. She explained that it was a mustard seed, and the story that went with it. I took it back to my bedroom, and laid both presents on my table.  Each night after that, when I crawled into bed, I would look at the mustard seed, and read a new page of my bible.  Today, many years later, I look back to that special day, and a tear forms on my cheek. Grandma and grandpa are gone now. The bike eventually wore out, but when I crawl in bed I still look at the mustard seed, and I read a new page from my bible.