Second Outing

Today, was the second time I had time away from Parkinson’s, and Al had a chance to chat with someone besides me. I walked out of the door, not knowing where I was going, but knew I would end up somewhere. I had four glorious hours all for me! I started out at the local Goodwill store, and bought some miscellaneous items to decorate my chicken coop window panes. I think I have enough to do the one for fall, so I will probably start on that tomorrow. I will show it to you when I am finished. I also got a hairy hand for spooky looks that I attached to the outside railing. Boo! I also found a flying ghost that came without batteries, but I took a chance and bought it since it was dirt cheap, and when I placed new batteries in it at home, it scared me, because it wiggled and made eerie sounds. LOL. Can’t wait til the grandchildren see it!

After leaving there, I stopped at a restaurant and went through a drive through, and took it to the park and watched the mommies pushing their kiddies on the swings, while eating my lunch.

After staying there in the silence of only my thoughts, I went to my favorite store. Here Al finds coca cola items sometimes, and I am still looking for the metal chairs that go with the red chrome 1950’s table. I decided to go in and look but not spend any money, unless I found the chairs.

I walked through the different rooms admiring and wishing. Each room is set up for different eras. They have a stars and stripes room, oldies but goodies room, a room with furniture, maybe for moving into a new home. There is an upstairs, that has a very long stairway. I can not go up there when Al is with me, as he could not make that trip up and down the stairs, so I take a sneak when I am alone and race up the stairs, two at a time, because the smell of candles that are so heavenly, draw me in, and then my mouth waters, and my lips are full of drool, as I wander through the magnificent aisles, admiring all the candles and tiny lights, and country decorations. I did purchase  a metal star that hangs on a chain, and it holds one tea light, the ones that run by a battery? Yes, those. It is cute. I should have snapped a photo of it for you to see.

After being drugged by the candle scents, I made my way back down stairs and saw some antique pieces of furniture that had come in recently, but darn it, all of them were marked sold, only waiting to be delivered. I have always wanted an antique secretary, and there was an awesome one there, but it had the red tag with the big yellow smiley face, letting me know it was taken.

As I wandered farther through the store, I didn’t really see anything that I could not live without, and then I spotted it. An old platform rocker. I was drawn to it like a magnet, but forced myself to walk calmly, so as not to let others I may be interested. I looked it over, turning it over and over, inspecting each crack for breaks, and checked the two springs underneath to ensure they were still in good working order. The material for the seating was original, and even the tacks used to hold the material in place were still original.

The batting underneath was in tact, and original, and the burlap holding the batting was still good and firm. One side at the back, the gray lining hiding the burlap and padding, had come lose. I don’t have old tacks, but will find some brass dirty looking ones at Wal-Mart and tack that part back up.

I feel like I got the steal of the deal today. This rocker is from the 1800’s and is an Eastlake rocker. I got it for a very good price and it is worth many times more than what I paid for it. It will remain with me for ever, and some day you may see me sitting in it as I get to be an antique myself. I will pull it to the window, and watch the birds in the summer and kids riding their bikes, and in the winter, I will watch the squirrels eat the peanuts and corn I will toss to them.

I had a wonderful time. I came home a new woman. I felt younger and lively, and I smiled at people who interacted with me today. I loved eating my lunch all alone, and I loved using my camera, and when Al wakes up from his nap, I am sure or am hoping he will be smiling like last week when I came home, and of course, I love my new rocker, which isn’t new at all, but very old!