Daily Prompt; Singular Sensation

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If you could have a guarantee that one, specific person was reading your blog, who would you want that person to be? Why? What do you want to say to them?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us ONE.

The one person that should be reading the posts on this blog is me. I write them. I recheck them, I post them. But I never sit back on a later day and read them.

What comes from my keyboard are true feelings from my heart and soul. Maybe if I read them I would be my own best healer and friend.

We are all so good at giving advice when asked but how many times do you ponder on what to do in life. Which decision should you make? Which direction should you go?

I love being able to share with you my thoughts and I love reading the comments. Sometimes I have trouble believing the wonderful compliments because I don’t see the mirror the same way you do.

I have the book inside my head. It is filled with everything that has been said in a negative way all my life. There are some chapters that are being filled in through a process of writing, but how much thicker of a book could I have, if I only read and learned from my own words.

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Don’t Look For The Don’t Like Button!

Today was a special day. I had two appointments but one was cancelled. This left me with plenty of free time. This was a rare day, plus the fact that Al’s dosage increase on his water pills have worked. His ankles were not swollen today. Yea! The nurse called me and said she had visited Al at his Day Program and he chatted more than ever, and he smiled a lot. I was thrilled. Too bad I didn’t learn of this until it was almost time for him to come home, but good news is good anytime.

Since I didn’t know I had a reason to party, I did errands instead. No, I didn’t go swimming.swimmer

No, I didn’t have any hot date.dating seniors

No, I went and got groceries, but first I got my hair cut.

So here is what I did. Easy to take care of. No mess, no fuss.

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