Picture It And Write Publication, Oct. 07,2012

Is your life as this photo shows, a broken life. Keys that would leave a  legacy here on earth, now broken. Too many mistakes, too many times spent on quick decisions, not taking the time to swallow each thought process and not capable of making a decision based on our own needs.

Decisions being  made on others needs and wants, barely ever thinking of our self first. Is it selfish to think of yourself as number one, to place yourself first above all others? What happens when you do for others before doing for yourself?

Does the ivory color of your soul turn tarnished and yellow as in these piano keys, at the expense of others? Are there more broken paths than a straight row when you look back at your life you have lived thus far?

We grow up in a Cinderella world, thinking it is perfect and everything will be wonderful, pretty and glorious. Life in reality does not work this way. I sometimes wish that the publishers would take away these books that lead young children to take the dream of happily ever after and replace them about what life is truly about.

It is alright to read about the dreams that everything will go our way, but we need to read about the disappointments in life also, the bumps that can throw you from the smooth path of life.

I believe that we must put ourselves first some of the times. There is a saying that you have to love yourself before others can love you. I believe this is so true. I believe that when you give to others and neglect your own needs that you become lost, not knowing why you were placed on this earth in the beginning.

We were born for a reason. There was a job to do and a talent given from the one that created us. In order to be the most that we can be, we have to first see our self for who we are. What makes us happy, what makes us want to live? What is our hidden talent here on earth. Once we know the answers we can then prosper and grow. We can then leave our mark, our legacy here on earth.

So I do believe that we need to be selfish to a point. This will show others our strength, our weakness. This will let the keys of our path stand straight and firm, with less broken paths in our life. The colors of the keys will shine bright, and not be discolored, by always thinking of ourselves last.

Our lives are as the photo of keys. We decide how we want to be played out during our brief stay here on earth. We decide if we will suffer who we are in order to not cause friction in others lives. We decide whether we want to be strong and firm, standing up for what we believe in, or do we want to be discolored and weak and broken, our days ending here on earth, with a sad heart and never-ending thoughts of what ifs.

Written by Terry Shepherd

Written for Picture it and Write Publication


Picture It And Write It, Prompt #23

Celia was in David’s arms once again. Lovers they had become. Celia embracing him with  all of her emotions and  needs, pouring them into David, feeling his heart beating against her bare breasts, his arms wrapped around her making her feel beautiful.

Celia was a spoiled woman, who had been given all of her heart’s desires by her father. Her father loved her and could never discipline her. He never wanted to see her with a sad face. Celia was a married woman, who had a hard-working husband, named Bill. Bill was secure,  providing money for all of her needs, or so he thought.

Celia had met David at a local pub. She had gone there because of another argument between her and Bill. She had seen a beautiful dress in a store window the day before, and bringing this up to Bill  at supper tonight, he had said no. Celia wanted this dress. She could imagine herself walking the streets of downtown, with all the people staring at her beauty. Bill’s argument was that she had enough dresses already hanging in her closet. That the house and auto insurance premiums were coming due, and these needed to be paid first. They would try to buy the dress out of the next pay check. Celia was not happy with this plan. She wanted the dress now. She had walked out of their home, and went straight to the pub, to drown her sorrows in music and alcohol. While there, she drew the attention of David. David was a lady’s man. He thought all women adored him, and he used all women for his own enjoyments, usually dropping each one as his needs were fulfilled.

He walked up to her and asked her if he could buy her a drink. Celia looked up at him and saw the most beautiful dark eyes she had ever seen, and motioned for David to sit down next to her. They drank and they chatted. He told her about his nice car he had just purchased two weeks ago. She asked him what kind of work he did, and he told her he was in sales. David told her that he lived in a high-rise only a walking distance away. After some time of senseless chat had occurred, he ask her if she would like to come with him. Celia saw her new dress hanging in her closet. All she had to do was entertain David and fulfill his fantasies, and the dress would be hers.

They both walked to his apartment, and when the door was unlocked, David let her go in first. As soon as the door was shut behind them and locked, he began to tear her clothes off and she was tugging at his also. Their lips met hard, their hands grasping for each other, as they made their way to his bedroom. David threw her on his bed, and took her there. After their love session was over, she told him that she wished her husband could make love to her like this. She explained that their love-making had become boring and too routine. David didn’t even blink when she mentioned her husband. He didn’t care if she was married or not. All that mattered to David, was that for tonight, she was his. Having gotten his needs taken care of, he stood up and started to get dressed. Celia asked him why he was in such a hurry to end this night, and David mentioned that he had forgotten an important phone call he needed to make. Celia said nothing, and with a pouty face, got up and dressed. He walked her back to the pub, and gave her a piece of paper with his phone number on it, and said, call me, the next time you are going to be at the pub. Celia took the paper and placed it in her purse, and walked home, being no closer to the dress she wanted than she was before.

Bill was sitting at his office desk in their den, going over their budget. He told Celia, that he would be able to buy her the dress in two weeks. She made a grunting sound and walked past him, to their bedroom, and running herself a nice, hot, bubble bath. She got in and went over the past few hours of her evening. Sure, David was good enough in bed, but he could offer her much more, than just

thrills. Meanwhile, a block away, David was thinking of her also, and knew that he had a wild cat here, and he wanted more.

A few days later, Bill had to leave for an overnight business trip. Celia found her piece of paper with David’s phone number on it, and she called him. She told him she would be at the pub that evening, around ten. She asked him if he would care to join him for a drink. She wanted the dress, and he wanted his desires met, so once again, Celia was in David’s arms, and lovers they became.

This story was written for Picture And Write it by Terry Shepherd and credits going to