You Can Help

I took this photo a couple of days ago. I was over by the hospital here in my city, and before I could see it, I heard it. It gave me moments enough to get the camera ready.

Unless, it is something that I am aware of happening, such as a county fair where they are offering rides from this beautiful creature, I don’t care much to see them.

Someone’s life may be depending on this bird. A baby that needs extra help, maybe an accident victim, that this hospital realized in time that it needed more help, and sent it off to the next biggest city.

This reminds me of one time when I was younger. I had only one child at the time, and I had taken  her and myself in the car to run an errand. On the way to town, I saw a speeding EMS, racing the opposite direction of the way I was going. Its lights were on and you could  hear the screaming sirens, alerting all of us drivers to get off of the road. Someone needed help ASAP! My daughter didn’t understand much at that age, so I wondered in my own mind, as to what had happened, and if I knew who was in it.

She and I proceeded with my plan. I don’t remember anymore what it was, but most likely, in that time frame of my life, I was probably going to the sewing center. There was a point in time, when I was determined to sew. I knew the basics, and with help from family members, I was able to sew little dresses for my daughter and little matching bonnets. I never cared for sewing, after it took six weeks to make one pincushion in junior high. If I had an inkling of favor towards sewing, that took my desire away, but for my daughter, I would try it once again. It did last one summer!

When we arrived home from our errands, I started preparing supper for hubby, daughter and myself. I laid Rachael, daughter’s name, down for her nap, so I could concentrate on making the perfect supper, but let me tell you, it was never perfect in my eyes. lol. After hubby got home from his job we ate, and as I was cleaning up the kitchen we received a knock at the front door. My husband opened it and came to get me telling me it was the pastor, and that he wanted to speak to me. I thought nothing of it really, because I attended church and this may have to do something with this, and the other reason I didn’t think much of it, is because when we are in our early years, twenties, which to me this is a very young age now, we don’t think of death or bad things.

I went in to speak to him and he asked me to sit down. He told me that my love of my life, the man I looked up to, the one who taught me about life, had passed away from a heart attack. He had been driving down the high way and the attack happened, causing him to  cross over the center line. He was hit straight on by a semi-truck.

I don’t remember too much, but I do remember collapsing into the couch, and the smiles that I had carried through out that day, were nowhere to be found. My heart was crushed. This was my first real memory of losing someone I loved dearly. The EMS that I had seen earlier, was the same one who was racing my grandpa to the hospital.

Today, over thirty years later, I still remember him with fond memories. Each time I see a speeding EMS or a helicopter in the air, I say a prayer for the person needing help and I say an extra prayer for the family and friends that know this loved one.

God only knows our perfect timing. He knows our beginning and our ending. It may not be a  fatality, but I want to do my part in asking God to help who ever is in need of help. God hears each of our prayers, no matter how small or how big. You never know if you have helped save a person’s life, while driving down the road, but by praying you are asking the only one who can create miracles.