Fly Away

Mind keeps returning

No matter how hard

I try to go to

Another place

Restless sleep

Tired feelings

Over take my

Body now tired

And worn

Feeling ten

Years older

Than the

Calendar says

Open up the mind

Let the birds fly

Over the ocean

Wave good-bye

As though theyLonely_candleBlue_candleanimated-candles1.gifcandle-animated.gifpath of trees

Will never return

When I turn around

There you are

Once again….

Terry Shepherd



Braun TV

Braun TV (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am mad today and I know not why

My brain is dead, not thinking

Movement is more like robotic

No blinking or winking.

I have not felt like this before

I can usually fight it

But today, I move from habit

Walking from pit to pit.

This can not be the norm

There has to be a reason

Too hot, no sleep

Or maybe it’s just the season.

I have spoken few words today

Which is so not like me

No family or friends have come

My friend ended up being the TV.

I hear the bad news coming over the box

There is nothing good to hear

It helps to keep me down and out

And to keep pouring out a tear.

I hope that this sound is temporary

For I don’t like how I feel

I want change to come for me

I have asked God for a better deal.