Are You Wondering?


I bet you have wondered the helper and Al and I got along today. Well, it was freaking fantastic! She jumped right in. She has a great personality. Al and her got a long very well. She changed him. She helped with every thing I taught her today. She fed him breakfast and lunch. She changed his brief.

I actually cleaned the house with barely any interruptions. I did lay down but couldn’t sleep. I did watch Christmas Bride on the Hallmark movie station. I have no new aches.

Best thing that has happened in our lives in weeks. Help, someone to talk to Al, a loving soul who took her time and  showed Al she cared and all this on the first day. The next best thing is she is coming back tomorrow. I am keeping my fingers tightly crossed.crossed fingers

The Sounds Of Silence

I know the reason

It’s called Respite

Needed for people

Who are caregivers

The air feels stale

The walls seem bare

The sounds of

Silence are deafening                                                  empty_house_by_scarlettletters-d3fenj7

What is not

Normal I do crave

The ticking of the clock

Pierce my ears

My eyes are heavy

But sleep stalls

As I lay silently

Waiting to go to him

For he needs me

But for now

I must rest

I must get ready

For the new day

When hopefully

He will once again

Bring these

Walls to life.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

Now I lay me down to sleep

Now I lay me down to sleep,

I pray the Lord my soul to keep.

If I should die before I wake,

I pray the Lord my soul to take.

God bless Mommy, Daddy, Janae, Preston…

Remember that poem?

I am repeating it now

Because I need sleep

Phones ringing

Deliveries made

Restless mind wondering

Al came home tonight

Tremors followed                                                                     newborn

Tears right behind

Dear Lord

Please let me

Lay down to sleep

If you want to take my soul

Then please do it while

My eyes are closed

Just do me one favor God

Take care of Al for me.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


Rhino And I, We Have A Routine

rhinoRhino has made me aware of his routine. He only meows when he wants petted and this is about every waking moment he has. He naps under my bed through the day.

He eats a little in the morning while I brush my teeth and start the coffee. Then he pigs out after I go to bed at night.

When I climb into bed for the night he is laying on one of the bed pillows. He immediately wants petted. After he gets his fill he jumps down and disappears out into the living room. After about 20 minutes he comes back in and climbs back up on the bed.

I think he is telling me that the house is fine. He and I can go to sleep now. I go to sleep with his paw on my arm and my arm resting on him. But when I wake up in the morning he is directly under the bed on my side and at the head of the bed.

He takes his toy and his little comb and he cuddles them letting me know that he knows they are his. I swear the way he moves his head around his comb, he is actually combing his own hair. It is so cute to watch him wrap himself around these two items.

When I am petting him, he flops his big body from side to side, making sure I don’t miss one area. While I am petting him his tail is thumping the floor in approval.

I think he and Al will become therapeutic for each other. I know Rhino has been good for me. Not too quick not too fast, but just right.

Looking For Dog Help

I love Polly, my new pup a lot, but I am having difficulty with three things, and I am being


Polly (Photo credit: bullcitydogs)

patient, but she is causing me a couple of problems, so I am looking to you, the dog experts.

Number one, I really want her to sleep in her cage, but when I put her in it, she barks and whimpers so loud, I give up and put her in bed with me. She proceeds to want to sleep as close as she can, giving me no room to move or roll over, or she is licking my face. LOL. How do I fix this?

She potties outside when I take her out 90% of the time, but she is almost 9 weeks, so in a matter of minutes, she dribbles on the carpet. I know how to blot it up, but do I really want my carpet ruined by pee from a beloved pet? No.

Thirdly, she has caused me to almost fall, well, I can’t even count on both fingers. She refuses to walk anywhere but under my feet, trying to walk between my feet or on my feet. I walk ever so gently, and I have tried saying no, and gently nudging her out-of-the-way, but she keeps coming back.

I feel like I need to sit on my couch and not move, in order to remain standing. I have not even been able to clean my house, and believe me, even though it is only me instead of Al and me, it shows that I am living inside of here. LOL. She wants to be held at all times, or she whimpers. She is the biggest whimper dog ever!!!

Someone help me with ideas on how to fix this! I know it takes time to housebreak a dog, so I am not being impatient, but to go outside and keep dribbling inside, well, I have had my fill of it.

Should I keep her in the crate at all times except for potty, eat, and play time, and just listen to her whimper and bark?

Picture it & Write, Nov 11, 2012

He had spied, and he had been caught. Thrown into a dark man-made hole in the ground, with no windows, no guessing what time it was, only seeing a hint of daylight shining through one crack, left behind by the carpenters who made the entry door into the well.

He had sneaked in too close, trying to capture a story for his boss,  and had  been seen by one of the guards on the roof. The guard shot at him, letting a dart enter his body full of sleeping potion. When he awoke, he was in the dark hole.

When he got lucky, he was thrown some garbage down the hole and this is how he learned to eat, as there was no escape,and he swore to himself he was not dying here, like this.

Sometimes he was let out of his pen, and his face was covered, so that he could not recognize anyone, and then he was forced to be the main entertainment of the day, being passed around the group of guards, and when they were bored with him, they would take him back to his hole, and before dropping him back into his familiar darkness, they would take off the head covering.

While these terrible scenes played out in his head, back at home, news had traveled that one of their journalist had been captured, and work was being done for his rescue. The tortures continued daily and sometimes more than once a day, when the guards drew restless. The captured now laid in vomit, as he had been tossed one meal, and when he began to chew the unrecognizable food, he felt something stirring in his mouth, and he put his fingers into his mouth, and pulled out some sort of live maggot or worm. He immediately vomited and vowed to never eat again. The food that was rotten in the beginning, could rot even further, before he took another bite.

This did not last long though, as his stomach caved to his back from starvation and growling, and his weakness grew. He learned to adjust by touching and feeling each bite before letting it enter his lips.

One night as the guards had played too much with the prisoner, they were found asleep on the job by two rescuers. The prisoner’s business associates had their own armor and hit the guards in the head, knocking them into temporary sleep, long enough to raise the floor door and pull their buddy out.

The found out too quickly that he was weaker than they suspected, and so they told him who they were and they drug him through tall grasses, escaping all eyes, and once they arrived in open areas, they picked him up by the shoulders and drug him to the helicopter waiting for them, and took him to the hospital where he was examined and given IV’s to help him gain his strength back. He was given blood tests and x-rays, and fortunately all tests came back with no permanent damages, and he did improve within a couple of days.