Sunday Photo Fiction; Flash Fiction

mask 2It was date night. The two will have been married 25 years tomorrow, but tonight, this is special. Once a month Bob and Sue planned a date; a time to spend with no other. No cell phones, no grandchildren, no TV.

They decided on this outing they would meet as potential strangers at the entry way of the theater. He dressed in his finest, she in layers of frills, perfumed from the heavens, their eyes met.

He flirting, she acting coy, they touched hands and electricity went through them bringing desire from deep within from each.

The two stood together holding hands watching people drift in and get their ticket passes. Admiring the clothing, smiling into each others eyes. One by one the crowd thinned as each took their seat.

Sue and Bob were about ready to get their pass when at the last moment he squeezed her hand and pulled her towards him. Leading her down the darkened hallway past the exit sign, he stopped in front of the ladies restroom.

Peeking in, seeing no one, he drew her in and leaned her against the wall pulling her dress up, lowering his hands, finding love.