I Could Not Let Recognition Pass

Late, last evening, I was reading my comments from all of you and I came across this one, letting me know that I had been nominated for the Silver Quill Blogging Award.

I was nominated by


Although, I had been nominated the day before, and had paid my many thanks to Paula, I could not let this go by without paying my thanks and recognizing her as a wonderful blogger. Thank you Vow!

Here is a little bit about this beautiful blogger lady. She cares for her husband who has Parkinson’s Disease.

About us…

Vow for Parkinson came as an idea from a friend. She pointed out the good it could do to share my husband’s story and how I handle his disease as a wife/med student. Vow For Parkinson is part of http://www.parkinsonpr.com, a webpage in spanish dedicated to inform about the disease.

This blog is for you honey! I love you with all my heart and soul.


Vow For Parkinson nace como una idea de una amiga. Ella fue quien me demostró lo beneficioso que podría ser el compartir la historia de mi esposo como paciente de Parkinson y cómo yo manejo la enfermedad siendo esposa/estudiante de medicina.Vow For Parkinson forma parte de http://www.parkinsonpr.com, un webpage en español dedicado a brindar información sobre la enfermedad.

Este blog es para ti mi amor. Te amo con todo mi corazón y mi alma.

Once again, thank you Puerto Rico!!!!!

Illuminating Blogger Award

When God decides I have had enough stress, he has an angel do something to brighten my day, and today is the day. I have stated that I have come to see how important God is in my life, and somewhere I left a small crack open, because the devil stomped in and tried to ruin it for me. I will blog about this tomorrow, as I am still dealing with the after affects with my brother Al.

So my angel who God has sent to me is Ingrid. She is an amazing, giving woman. Her web page is:


Did you know that Ingrid offers free Spanish lessons? Yes, it is true. Go to the website and she will direct you to U-tube, where she teaches. I had majored in Spanish for three years in high school, and without telling my age, I will admit I have forgotten much, but by visiting her classes, I am amazed at how much I have been able to pick back up!

Thank you Ingrid for the nomination of the Illuminating Blogger Award!

I didn’t see any rules, except to make sure you pay respects to the one who nominated you, and to also make some new nominations. So for this I want to choose all of you that read and or follow my life journey with my brother Al, and also want to thank-you for tolerating my attempts at writing poetry and my exercise writings, and fictional short stories.

What? I can’t have all of them? Are you sure? Darn, this makes it very difficult and it isn’t fair, now I don’t want to play anymore! I quit! LOL.

Alright then, I will nominate you by playing eenie, meenie, minie, moe, I pick@@@










Thank you again Ingrid!!!

Two Awards, Beautiful Blogger Award, And Moonlight Blogger Award


Ingrid has nominated me for the beautiful blogger award. I have recently met Ingrid, and she is a beautiful, bilingual person. She is able to speak Spanish and English. She even teaches free Spanish lessons over on U-Tube, which I am going to go over and relearn also. I majored in Spanish, in high school, but remember very little. Now I can help myself and be able to help others. Thank you Ingrid!

The rules are to mention the nominator

Say seven things about yourself

Nominate others.

I took my brother to an automotive restaurant to eat supper yesterday!

I nominate







Paula has nominated me for an award also. It is the Moonlight Blogger Award.

Paula has always given me so much encouragement and offers Al and me prayers. I am so lucky and grateful to have a nice friend like her.

The rules for this award are

The first rule thanks the person who nominated you!

Second rule Tell your followers about either your favorite book or film

Third rule Close your eyes pick a number between 1 – 7 then nominate that number of blogs

My favorite book is called Black Like Me. It is about a while male who goes to a doctor and has injections to turn his skin black. Then he goes back into his familiar neighborhood to live once again, but now he describes what it is like to be around different cultures. This is a true and sad story, as there is too much racism in the world today. Maybe you will also enjoy it!

My nominees are:)



Once again, thank you Ingrid and Paula! I have felt honored to have met you here on WordPress, and feel so lucky that the two of you I call my friends.