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English: Bumble Bee on Sedum

Head to your favorite online news source. Pick an article with a headline that grabs you. Now, write a short story based on the article.

County Spelling Bee Starts Jan. 31

Oh wow, does this take me back in time. A time when I studied and had my mom go over so many words with me. I already knew that for my young age I received all A’s on my spelling. I got excellent grades in English also.

I wanted to enter the Spelling Bee in the fourth grade. In those days, I looked at myself as a winner. Anything I put my mind to, I could do. We are so full of hope when we are young aren’t we? We know little about the rules of the world. We do not understand the word evil for the most part. We know right from wrong, what time is recess and what’s for supper?

I practiced for weeks and then the days started counting down. Instead of playing with my dolls, did I play with dolls in the fourth grade? I bet I did. Well, I didn’t play nor ride my bike. I studied, now I know why I wear glasses. The strain on my eyes, too much!

The night before the big event was to happen I can remember Mom letting me have bubbles for my bath. She rolled my hair in rollers. I could hardly sleep that night I was so excited. It was like going to the candy store with a whole fifty-cents in my pocket to blow.

I hurried with my breakfast, and then got dressed in my prettiest cotton dress. Back then cotton was the rage to wear. For me today, too much ironing, give it a rest for the cotton. I waited for the bus to come and then hopped on it with a huge smile.

This was my day. The day I had worked at so hard. The day I was going to win! After the boring classes of the morning lunch finally came and went. It was now time for all students and staff to gather in the auditorium.

All of us who had entered the contest were sitting in chairs all lined up on the stage. One by one, we took our turns at spelling the words given to us by the principal. I had made it to several rounds. Oh my gosh! We are down to three people now and I am one of them.

I think I am going to faint! I feel sick! My butterflies are flying everywhere in my stomach! There are now two of us. Me and some boy, I don’t remember his name. He wasn’t in my class.

The moment was here. It was my turn. I could hear silence everywhere as the principal stated very calmly, “Please spell feud Teresa”. I smiled at him because I knew how to spell this simple four-letter word. My mouth opened, no one was breathing, and I said,” Feud, F-U-E-D”.

Oh my gosh! What had I done? I said it backwards! I knew in that instance I could not take back my words. All I remember is hearing,” I am sorry Teresa, that is incorrect. Tim(made-up name) can you spell feud”?

The kid spelled it right. He won. My head hung as low as it could. The crowd cheered me on with good tries, great job, maybe next year. I lifted my head to acknowledge the rants, but I know I had tears in my eyes as that boy took my trophy. Is that where they get the saying, Life Sucks, Fair is Fair?