The Old House on the Gravel Road

scaryTwo friends, both 12 years old, hung around together constantly. These two boys were always getting called-out on being too mischievous. They didn’t really get into trouble with the law; but they were constantly testing the waters.

It was a dreary day. In fact, it was January 1, 2014. School was on break and these two, Ryan and Mark were bored. They decided to go out on an adventure. They didn’t know where they were headed. All they knew was that they had to be back by the time their parents got home from work.

They headed down the gravel road. They kicked rocks. They tried to see who could throw the stone the farthest. The boys raced to see who was the fastest. They laughed and didn’t really notice anything about their surroundings.

Ryan and Mark came upon the old house. It was worn down. The story was, an old man went nuts and killed his wife years ago. There hadn’t been anyone interested in the property so it became abandoned. The paint was gone. Windows were broken.

Their parents told them to never go too close, because they could get hurt. Today was different. Having nothing to do led them closer to the front door. They both became quiet as they listened for any unfamiliar noises to shout out at them.

Hearing nothing, Mark turned the door handle. It was broken and the door slowly, squeaked open. Mark and Ryan looked at each other. Both pairs of eyes looking at the others for answers to their question; should they go in.

Mark didn’t go in. He went to the side windows and tried to see the best he could while his eyes adjusted to the darkness. Coming back, and knowing they were safe, they ventured in the front door.

Spider webs greeted them. Dirty, white sheets covered the furniture. Spots of old blood still rested upon a couple of the sheets. Ryan shivered, a little from the unknown. Mark ventured to each piece of furniture, lifting the sheets, trying to imagine what was in the mind of the detectives who had once hung out here.

They then explored the kitchen and the bathroom. Seeing nothing exciting they decided to go up the stairs. The long set of stairs looked warped and uneven. Their first step set off a loud creak. Both boys stopped in their tracks as if waiting to see if maybe someone had heard them.

Seeing no one they continued to climb the squeaky stairs. One stair caved a little and Ryan jumped quick to the next stair afraid he was going to fall through. Once to the top they saw four closed doors.

Opening each one they saw a bed and two dressers. One had a big oval mirror on it and the words murderer were carved in the dust. They left that room and walked into each of the others. They all looked pretty much the same; except this room was bigger and it had a fireplace in it.

They took the dusty sheet off the bed and laid down on it. It was pretty soft which led them to both use the bed as a spring-board. Laughing and tumbling they spent several minutes on the bed.

When they tired of this they sat down and they each pulled out wrapped sandwiches they had made earlier. Ryan had a bottle of pop that the two shared.

Afterwards they both went back down the creepy stairs and they saw a door that was nailed shut going off from the kitchen. They had to investigate this. They worked and worked and finally broke the board.

There were no lights but they could see it led to a basement. The stairs here were cement and both boys headed down. More spider webs attacked them and they were busily wiping them out of their faces.

When they got to the bottom they saw old pieces of chairs and broken picture frames. They saw things crawling on the floor as if to escape being stepped on. There were three basement half-sized windows that provided a bit of light.

One looked like it had held an old coal furnace. There were several black pieces of rock still laying in a pile. The other two rooms looked like they were used for storage. There was one small door that led off of the coal room.

Ryan tried the door handle and it too, was broken but opened with ease. He walked inside but there was no window so he could see nothing. Mark waited on the outside for Ryan to say it was clear to enter.

After a few minutes ticked by and Ryan saying nothing, Mark called out to his friend. ” Hey, Ryan, you ok? What you see in there?” There was no response. ” Come on, quit trying to scare me. You know I don’t scare easy”, he said with just a tiny quiver in his voice.

Still no reply. Mark’s legs became cement. He knew something was wrong. He realized he should go in to check on his best friend; but his legs wouldn’t move. He began cursing himself. He called himself a chicken for standing there and he argued with himself about going further in.

He finally won, and his feet began to move. He walked in the dark room but didn’t see anything or Ryan. ” Come on Ryan, joke’s over. This isn’t funny anymore. I think it is getting time to go home, come on, let’s get out of here.”

Nothing, no sound, no stirring, no Ryan. The door slammed shut. Mark jumped and about peed his pants. Before his heart could quit racing a hand came over his mouth and he was drug into a secret door  he had not noticed.


Alright dear friends and followers of my blog; complete this story.

Halloween Spook Story

Shelly went across the street to babysit for Nathan. For months she had been doing this while the parents went out for dinner and movies. It was the night before Halloween. The plan was to carve the pumpkin, pop popcorn and watch a scary movie on TV.pumpkins

Shelly knocked and Nathan let her in. ” Are we still going to carve the pumpkin Shelly?”

Laughing she tousled his hair and said ” yes.”

The parents told her there was pizza waiting for them and they left. The two sat down to eat when a knock at the back door make Nathan jump up and go for it. Shelly stopped him by saying, ” We don’t know who is there. I will answer it. Haven’t your parents taught you about opening doors to strangers?”

Nathan backed off and Shelly opened the door. No one was there. She stepped outside to look leaving the door open. A cold chill went through her. Seeing no one she went back inside and locked the door.

The two finished the pizza and after clearing the table she got some old newspapers and spread them on the table. Placing the pumpkin and getting the carving knife out the two begin to think of ideas of a face.

“Let’s make him toothless. No, let’s make him look real mean.” Shelly asked ” Which do you want, toothless or mean looking?”

” Mean, I choose mean.” Shelly cut the top off making sure not to break the stem. Nathan and her begin pulling the seeds and pulp out.  She started carving the face. Mean looking eyes, a pointy nose and uneven teeth.

She was down to the last tooth when she accidentally poked her finger. Blood started dripping and was getting inside the shell of the pumpkin. ” Nathan, go get me a wet wash rag. I can’t get this to stop bleeding.”

Nathan jumped down and ran to the bathroom. Shelly was squeezing her finger trying to apply pressure to get it to stop. The more she pushed down the faster blood dripped.drippinglbood “Hurry Nathan, hurry.”

Nathan didn’t come back so she went to the sink and turned the cold water on letting it  pour over her finger. She was watching over her back waiting for Nathan and when she turned back around orange pulp was coming out of the faucet.pulp

It began to wrap itself around her hands binding them together. Slimy pulp attached itself to the open area and started slithering its way inside sucking every drop of blood as it dove deeper and deeper.

She tried to break free but the hold was tight. All she could do was watch her veins pop as the pulp took over replacing blood with orange mucus.

She started to feel nauseated and before she could yell for help she fell to the floor. Within minutes she was covered in pulp. Seeds were birthing and coating her over and over. Her eyes started to bulge as her air was being cut off.

Pulp started streaming out of her nose and eyes. killer-pumpkins-doormat It was webbing itself around her neck trying to choke her. She managed to scream one more good scream. Nathan who had been side tracked by the television must have heard the urgency in her voice. He came out to the kitchen. He saw her laying on the floor. He was so terrified he stood frozen and peed his pants.

Whispering, ” Go get the neighbors Nathan, go get help,” Nathan raced for the back door. He didn’t remember that he wasn’t to be out that back door. He ran through the darkness and into the arms of vines of pulp.

The pulp grabbed  him by the pant legs trying to pull him down. Nathan was stamping the ground yelling, ” Leave me alone, leave me alone.”  Nathan’s heart was beating so fast his chest began to hurt. He had to get help. He had to help Shelly.

With all the strength  he had he used his karate he had seen on his cartoons and chopped himself loose from the vines. He picked up speed and ran as fast as he could. Tripping over a root from a tree he scrambled back to his feet and ran to the neighbor’s door.

Without knocking he turned the door handle. It opened and he raced into the living room where the neighbors were watching TV. ” Help, help, we need help. Hurry, the baby sitter is hurt bad.”

The nice lady brought him over to where she was sitting on the couch and tried to get him to calm down long enough to get the story. Her husband ran out the door and went to where Nathan lived.

He stood inside the door and then turned and vomited in the yard. Turning back to look again he saw nothing but the shape of a body lying on the floor. The walls and ceiling were covered in orange. Shelly’s head had been strangled and her head had been  replaced with the pumpkin that had been almost completely carved.

scary pumpkin